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Just Landed: Meet the Mottahedeh Sacred Bird and Butterfly Charger


You know we adore a charger that knows how to work a room. Meet the Mottahedeh Sacred Bird and Butterfly Charger—a must for soigné soirée vibes.


If you are reading this, you are well-versed in the iconic patterns. Hello, Ginorri 1735 and Mottahedeh. With its emphasis on authentic porcelain production and timeless artisanal patterns, this history company has enticed our tablescapes for more than 90 years. In addition to the Blue Lace Charger, Tobacco Leaf Dinner Plate, and Brown Tree Collection, we officially offer the Sacred Bird and Butterfly Charger.

The Sacred Butterfly was a Chinese export pattern of about 1800 and was intended for those who admired the sophistication of placing traditional Chinese motifs of birds, butterflies, and flowers on European shapes. The Chinese word for butterfly, tieh, is a pun that expresses the wish that the owner might live to a ripe age. These motifs were rendered with characteristic understatement in the traditional Chinese orange and gold colors in an all-over pattern. The marriage of shape and design was a success and was reproduced in English china in about 1800-1810


East meets West once again to define a new narrative. There is just something fabulous about individual lamps, layered Mottahedeh and Ginorri 1735, and nostalgic Macy mementos. By Macy, we are of course speaking of Social Llama Events. We fully expected a scene set for the most fabulous party animals, and SLE let us have our cake and eat it too. If someone isn’t dancing on the table or spilling the martinis once they’ve had an evening around this lit table–well, they aren’t living friends. And as Macy hand wrote in her book: “You are SO loved, OK?”

Lest we be judged by the kids in the room, this is an adults-only table, thank you very much. Bring your manners and your ID so you can puff and pass around a table set specifically to entertain you. Be it the cigs or the sparkles this is the equivalent of couture confetti. Get the gang on the phone–it’s officially girls' night.


Wonderfully irreverent and over the top, because the only thing truly precious is time. So play with your colors, patterns, and plates. Be daring, darling. It's time to turn the simple dinner party into an extraordinary journey.


Linen: Custom Order - Velvet Green

Charger: Mottahedeh Sacred Bird

Dinner Plates: Ginori Pervinca

Bread + Butter: Charles Sadek Exotic Bird

Flatware: Smoke + Gold Flatware

Glassware: Pure Stemware and Smoke On the Rocks


No longer destined just for the outdoors, the Rattan Chair puts you at ease while also offering an alluring chic seat. Kick up your heels and stay awhile.

Photography by Taz Bentley Photography / Silk Flowers by Botanical Mix / Paper Goods Designs by Kane & Co

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