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Behind the Scenes

What Happens Now? A Look Behind the Chic Scenes

The Planning Begins

Our carefully curated inventory is not the only thing that makes POSH the go-to source for wedding and event rentals. Behind us is our hardworking warehouse and delivery team, perfectly positioned to help you throw the bash of the year! Let us take the guesswork out of deliveries and setup, leaving you to focus on what really matters—your guests.

Count Once, Count Twice, Count Many Times...

So, how do we get these beautiful items to you? We take special care in preparing your rental items, and all orders are counted, prepped, and staged 72 hours before your delivery. By the time our driver and delivery team sets off with your items, your order has been counted numerous times.

POSH's exclusive and specialized labeling system makes event setup a breeze instead of a nightmare. Designed by one of the owners (who was in catering for over 25 years!), this system marks every crate with item contents, number of items, use for that item, and can even designate drop-off location to save you and your waitstaff time, labor and, most of all, stress. Our true mission at POSH is to not leave you with a jumbled pile of rentals dumped hours before your event. When your red POSH delivery truck pulls up, you can rest assured that we will carefully unload everything you need to make your event setup easy.

The Best Part of Renting? You Don’t Have to Do the Dishes!

Once your fabulous party is over, you'll find yourself faced with the opposite issue: how do you pack everything up again? With POSH, the answer is "easily!" Our specialized labeling system has a dual function—it also tells you exactly where each piece goes after the event, minimizing any damage and getting your waiters home early. All you have to do is open the crate your collection was delivered in, leave the labels facing forward, and put the dirty items back in the appropriate container for pickup. It's that simple. After all, the beauty of event rentals is not having to do the dishes!

Delivery Made Easy

Our delivery guys are the best. We’re pleased to offer easy delivery for you, and our staff will call when they are on their way.

The Best Part of Breakdown

We don’t limit ourselves to Dallas event rentals. POSH has traveled to almost every state in the nation. Just let us know, and we will be there! Contact us at to get more information on how we can pack up and travel for your next party.