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Now Offering: Oriente Italiano by Ginori 1735

Be more daring, turn a simple dinner into an extraordinary journey.

The Oriente Italiano Collection needs no introduction, but what would be the fun in that? We love a history of family tradition and manufacturing excellence, and the Ginori 1735 intertwines both into a singular obsession with turning porcelain into pure beauty. This storied brand began in the 18th century as a familiar piece de resistance in stately homes, palaces, and courtyards in Florence and beyond, making the fabled Doccia Manufactory synonymous with elegance and refinement that continues to hold court in the modern-day home.


In 2020, Ginori 1975 took on a new name and identity, offering an irrepressible wave of renewal that reimagined the preciousness of porcelain and preserved its beauty and art with artistic international collaborations. Today, we are proud to offer the Oriente Italian Collection to our esteemed event and wedding planners and producers so they too can put their own twist on tradition. Tastemakers and trendsetters, this pattern is also for you. The beating heart of any home is around the table. Add these rentals to your special dinner or alfresco moment to truly live la dolce vita by elevating the rituals of everyday life.


The evocative floral decorations of Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano combine Far Eastern charm with the Italian tradition of porcelain. POSH offers all 10 color combinations of this delightful pattern so you can blur the lines to create endless and daring combinations. Ginori describes the motif as “a lush and colorful garden of exotic flowers, an exuberant and uncommon party on the lawn… We wanted to dare, and in daring, we established a style that combines two elements of the artistic tradition of Italy - the elegance of the lines from the Antico Doccia Ginori collection and the delicate charm of the Garofano, a floral motif typical of Faenza ceramics and inspired by a fantastical oriental garden - in the explosiveness of the colors that animate the porcelain plates.” So do you dare?


Both the Pervinca and Albus are offered in full place settings of Charger, Dinner Plate, and Salad/Dessert Plate–ideal for iconic bridal moments around the table, from engagement dinners to wedding receptions. The Pervinca is the quintessential something blue, hand painted with a gold rim. Additional gold-rimmed dinner plates include Azalea, Porpora, and Iris. The Albus is a refreshing take on all-white, hand painted with a black rim. Additional color-rimmed dinner plates include Vermiglio, Cipria, Citrino, Bario, and Malachite. Mix and match to your heart's desire for an effortlessly cool, chic, and unique aesthetic. Contact your P.O.S.H. stylist today to set the table with this iconic collection.



Gold Rim. Available in Charger 12.25" Dinner Plate 10.5" Salad Plate 8.25"


Black Rim. Available in Charger 12.25" Dinner 10.5" Salad 8.25"


Azalea: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"

Pervinca: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"

Porpora: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"

Iris: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"


Albus: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"

Vermiglio: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"

Cipria: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"

Citrino: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"

Bario: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"

Malachite: Available in Dinner Plate 10.5"

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