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Etched in Tradition: High Spirits for a Holiday Feast

AUTUMN INCOMING: A welcoming spirit of infinite golden hour has arrived, and these patterns came to party.

Perhaps the most beautiful gift of the ever-changing seasons is the reminder to endlessly reinvent ourselves, be it by adaptation, transformation, or evolution. The crisp, cool Fall months help us reimagine our entire universe by means of beauty, art, and social graces. And what better way to embrace new ideas than by sharing a warm, inviting table?

To further lean into Fall’s influence, we finessed our tabletops with the holiday sentiment of savoring life. After a slow (and hot!) Summer, the delightful plunge into brisk social calendars and family gatherings, balanced by our evening rituals of slowing down together is just what we need to find our creative spark again. Each narrative-driven Autumn to Winter tabletop aesthetic ushers in an inspired mélange of refined layers, polished grandeur, and bold ideas to get your imagination brewing as you curate your own tablescapes at home.

We hope these Fall tablescapes satiate your appetite for beauty with all of the bounty and abundance this tender season offers. And if you can guess by now, our M.O. for playing with our plates is pretty simple: The non-essentials are non-negotiable. Party on.


The holidays can be fleeting, especially with the chaotic schedules and overwhelming current events we’ve grown accustomed to in modern living. But togetherness is of the utmost importance, and setting the table for friends and family with a conscious level of thoughtfulness ensures that merriment endures regardless of external forces. And friends, endure it must. As far as we are concerned, the only way to pay respect to the past is by relishing the present moment. C'est la vie! So, time to set our future mood.

We love to make a splash with a little Southern flair. This means birds are a must, but we aren’t just serving turkey. The Mottaheded Sacred Bird is deeply etched in tradition, making it a divine master of ceremony to serve this traditionally flocked look. This china pattern dances across the table with the most beautiful gold-outlined butterflies and soaring birds.

Sitting down also reminds us to look up, and once you do, you’ll notice the necessary whimsy this tabletop needed to balance its mixture of heritage and heirloom pieces. Oh yes, a modern formal feast requires an air of playful joyfulness—and a bountiful display of florals and pheasants by the always on-point Botanical Mix was a just the scene stealer. This show-stopping floral installation and elegantly layered place setting conjure the grandeur and magic of the holidays, making it a master class in the delicious alchemy of irreverently fun hosting.


We've always been for the birds, and this tablescape was literally made for high spirits. The Sacred Bird and Butterfly Charger along with the Exotic Bird Dinner offers a dazzling homage to the nostalgia of the past with a deep respect for artfully preserved patterns and craftsmanship while still managing to provide hope for the future. Trust us, we know this sentiment sounds so cheesy. But once you sit down to a tablescape like this, you know it to be true.

The Mottahedeh Sacred Bird and Butterfly was a Chinese export pattern of about 1800 and was intended for those who admired the sophistication of placing traditional Chinese motifs of birds, butterflies, and flowers on European shapes. The Chinese word for butterfly, tieh, is a pun which expresses the wish that the owner might live to a ripe age. We'll take it! These motifs were rendered with characteristic understatement in the traditional Chinese orange and gold colors in an all-over pattern. The marriage of shape and design was a success and was reproduced in English china in about 1800-1810.

Additionally, the Charles Sadek Exotic Bird Collection features a striking bird design with exceptional 18K gold detail, which is to be expected by the Sadek name. This elegant yet versatile design understands how to play up paired colors to a dazzling effect. We recommend playing with your linens and charger palettes to bring out the various shades of blue, green, and oxblood hues.

The Rattan Chair is also an icon all its own, offering a tactile reprieve while holding its own in the most formal of settings, from ballrooms to backyards. For Texans, wibter holidays anre often comfortable on the veranda. (After all, we’ve only waited all year for October and November temperatures. It’s best to take advantage of sitting pretty in a crisp breeze that allows us to showcase our closets full of cashmere while we can.) The Rattan Chair is a favorite not only for these reasons, but also for its stunning silhouette and Italian leaning design. An invitation to pull up a chair around this sprawling kings table means the conversation and laughter will be going well after the dishes are cleared.


Cosmic cowgirls
take note: Learning the rules so you can break them has always been our adage. The more patterns the merrier, the trick is to incorporate the designs you love into a contemporary aesthetic that speaks to you. Sure, you may have to plate a few stacks to find what works well, but the point is to have fun with it. Inspired place settings can tie together interesting details in the room like a distinct rug, piece of art, or notable centerpiece. This compelling stack checks all of the boxes for our cosmic influence (the transformational elements of the sacred birds and butterflies), our Southern Texan Traditions (Bone Flatware and Cut Crystal), and a laissez-faire attitude (Calypso beaded chargers and Rattan Chairs, why not?). The point is simple: Respect tradition, but be sure to still do you.


Bookmark this cheat sheet when planning your holiday china and chair rental order. And remember, there is always room at our table.

LINEN | Cambria Adobe

CHARGERS | Calaisio Woven Rattan with Tortoise Beads | Glass Copper Round | Mottahedeh Sacred Bird

CHINA | Exotic Bird Dinner Plate + B&B | Marchesa Shades of Ivory B&B

FLATWARE | Natural Bone and Stainless Steel Flatware

STEMS | Annette Cut Crystal Water Glass | Extreme Riedel Stemware

TABLE + CHAIR | Kings Table with the Rattan Chair


Whether you are sharing your first family holiday, celebrating soiree style with friends, or establishing your own traditions, hostesses in the know understand these three essentials when it comes to party planning:

Fine china is a beautiful conversation starter: A well-set table encourages an entertaining, no-pressure atmosphere so each guest has a chance to pause and be social.

Nothing is too precious: Rentals allow you to find (or play) your aesthetic by bringing in a spontaneous selection of heirloom patterns and trending collections without having to commit to a purchase.

Time is precious: Book your luxury rentals early to ease your mind (and ensure your favorite patterns) and save time by letting us take care of delivery, pickup, and cleaning the dirty dishes. Voila!


Now that the explanations are out of the way, it’s time to dip into these seven iconic Fall aesthetics. Go ahead, choose your player.

  1. Gilty Pleasures: No, it’s not a misspelling. You know us better than that. COMING SOON

  1. Desert Disco: Chrome-mode with a dash of le citron. COMING SOON

  1. Icons Only: Heritage patterns that came to play.

  1. Etched in Tradition: High Spirits for a Holiday Feast. YOU ARE HERE

  1. Quiet Grandeur: Fine-tuned aesthetics for a true tastemaker. COMING SOON

  1. Tutto Passa: Ginori, for those who know how to enjoy life. COMING SOON

  1. Carte Blanche: For those who know exactly what they want. COMING SOON.

Photography by Taz Bently Photography

Silk Floral Installations by The Botanical Mix.

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