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Infinite Gold Hour for the Holidays with the Caskata Collections

AUTUMN INCOMING: A welcoming spirit of infinite golden-hour has arrived, and these patterns came to party.

Perhaps the most beautiful gift of the ever changing seasons is the reminder to endlessly reinvent ourselves, be it by adaptation, transformation, or evolution. The crisp, cool Fall months help us reimagine our entire universe by means of beauty, art, and social graces. And what better way to embrace new ideas than by sharing a warm, inviting table?

To further lean into Fall’s influence, we finessed our tabletops with the abundant sentiment of savoring life. After a slow (and hot!) Summer, the delightful plunge into brisk social calendars and family gatherings, balanced by our evening rituals of slowing down together is just what we need to find our creative spark again. Each narrative-driven Autumn to Winter tabletop aesthetic ushers in an inspired mélange of refined layers, polished grandeur, and bold ideas to get your imagination brewing as you curate your own tablescapes at home.

We hope these Fall tablescapes satiate your appetite for beauty with all of the bounty and abundance this tender season offers. And if you can guess by now, our M.O. for playing with our plates is pretty simple: The non-essentials are non-negotiable. Party on.

QUIET REBELLION | A communion among friends.

Rodin was right–we invent nothing, we simply discover. So when you are overwhelmed with the never-ending offerings of the season, we suggest putting the anxiety era in neutral and rediscover the power of less-is-more elegance where quality and comfort reign supreme. This timeless Southern tablescape makes a statement that is as delightful as it is serene. Just the ticket for an all is calm, all is bright kind of night with family and friends.

For us, this table is a lovely rebellion from the more flamboyant tablescapes of the season but certainly packs no less of a punch. Elegant elements drop subtle undertones, suggesting this meal is a communion among not just family and friends, but community. Perhaps this is the most special, nuanced way to break bread, blend traditions, and engage in fruitful conversations. We say lean toward the cosmopolitan undercurrent of this vintage-influenced tablescape and kick the outside noise to the wayside, snap a picture of your perfectly placed settings for posterity, and then issue a hard unplugging for a phones-free dinner. Another suggestion: Bookmark the steps below to create this visual feast on your own.

TASTEFUL GRANDEUR | Fine-tuned vintage romance for a true tastemaker.

You must know by now that we are all about more is more even when it feels, shall we say, softer. While this tablescape is in fact toned down, it’s the most masterful lesson in refined maximalist layering.

  • An amber glow is the Midas Touch of holiday entertaining. Double down on this graceful sentiment with clear Vintage Etched and Amber Etched Glassware along with a gorgeous mix of the Caskata Arbor Gold Collection (a perennial favorite known for an old-world aesthetic and softly reflective, self-burnished gold) and the Caskata Hawthorne Gilt Collection’s highly detailed, filigree semi-burnished embellishments. (A second option to consider is the iconic Mottahedeh Brown Lace Charger.)

  • Showcase emblematic and intricate craftsmanship by adding a layer of the Arte Italica Cream Charger–a subtle statement that’s sure to be remembered. A classic for a reason, this distinctive collection is handmade in Italy by artisans who salvaged and reclaimed vintage molds to restore and produce the Finezza line. Their intricate lace etchings are an utterly distinctive design that has been copied often but always falls flat to the weight, texture, and feel of these original beauties.

  • Enduringly chic, the soft taupe of the Jute Wheat Linen is meant to withstand a high level of entertaining while adding a polished Autumnal texture to the table. Perfect for taking your tablescape outdoors.

  • Mind your manners with the soft shape of the effortlessly at ease (New!) Cutipol Ivory + Silver Flatware–the ultimate pairing of artisanal traditions with modern technology, featuring brushed silver flatware in a sleek, slim handle. Like all of our collections, Cutipol tells a story–one of exquisite design and heritage from a family-owned business in the village of Sao Martinho de Sande in Portugal, Spain

  • The classic Chiavari chair lends to the charming, monochromatic appeal of this holiday tablescape while ushering in just the right amount of pomp for a seated dinner.

SAY MORE | Feel Free to Embellish.

The most beautiful aspect of the traditional mood of this holiday tablescape is its ability to morph through Fall and Winter with an overflowing cornucopia of creativity. These subtle shades are wonderfully layered so you can get playful with your own collection pieces should you really want to put on the ritz. Our Santa Fe gals will certainly bust out the olive, terra cotta, and other earthy shades and regional patterns to stunning effect atop velvety linens. Fearless fashionistas may see this as an opportunity to blend their favorite neutral–leopard print linen, by a simple swapping the glassware and charger to showcase a bolder print or pattern. And if over the top opulence is simply calling your name, simply add more mixed metals and statement stemware. The only forever rule is for every P.O.S.H. tablescape is to do what feels right for you. Happy hosting.


There’s always room at our table. Bookmark this cheat sheet when planning your holiday china and chair rental order.

LINEN | Jute Wheat Linen

CHARGERS | Wood | Arte Italica Cream Charger | Caskata Hawthorne Gilt Charger

CHINA | Caskata Hawthorne Gilt Dinner Plate + B&B | Caskata Arbor Gold Salad Plate + B&B

FLATWARE | Cutipol GOA Ivory & Silver

STEMS | Etched Amber Glassware | Vintage Etched Glassware

TABLE + CHAIR | Round Table with Champagne Chiavari Chairs


Whether you are sharing your first family holiday, celebrating soiree style with friends, or establishing your own traditions, hostesses in the know understand these three essentials when it comes to party planning:

Fine china is a beautiful conversation starter: A well-set table encourages an entertaining, no-pressure atmosphere so each guest has a chance to pause and be social.

Nothing is too precious: Rentals allow you to find your aesthetic by bringing in a spontaneous selection of heirloom patterns and trending collections without having to commit to a purchase.

Time is precious: Book your luxury rentals early to ease your mind (and ensure your favorite patterns) and save time by letting us take care of delivery, pickup, and cleaning the dirty dishes. Voila!


Now that the explanations are out of the way, it’s time to dip into these seven iconic Fall aesthetics. Go ahead, choose your player.

  1. Gilty Pleasures: No, it’s not a misspelling. You know us better than that. COMING SOON

  1. Desert Disco: Chrome-mode with a dash of le citron. COMING SOON

  1. Icons Only: Heritage patterns that came to play.

  1. High Spirits: Sacred Birds and Pour Taste is a vibe.

  1. Quiet Grandeur: Fine-tuned aesthetics for a true tastemaker. YOU ARE HERE

  1. Tutto Passa: Ginori, for those who know how to enjoy life. COMING SOON

  1. Carte Blanche: For those who know exactly what they want. COMING SOON.

Photography by Taz Bently Photography

Silk Floral Installations by The Botanical Mix.

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