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People Love Posh

  • “Your team is right, Karla! It was really smooth with both delivery and pickup. Absolutely no complaints and everyone was a dream to work with! It made my job so much easier that day. -SK”
  • “My planner and I met with Karla to decide on the table setup that best fit my vision. Karla was wonderful and made suggestions based on the inspiration pictures I had and based on her knowledge and everything turned out exactly how I envisioned it. Being able to see it all put together at their showroom was incredibly helpful for someone as visual as I was.”
  • “We had a wedding at our place for our granddaughter yesterday- Posh was secured to provide the tables and chairs with China - dishes- dinnerware etc along with the chairs for outside seating around the pond. Never know what to expect on a deal like this - but after my experience and Posh- I think I would really be disappointed with anybody else!! Charlton Simmons simply did an outstanding job- truly professional- more than polite and easy to work with and as Charlton put it- our job is just to please you and make you happy !! HOW WELL PUT!! And you know what- Him and his crew of 3 - did EXACTLY that!! EVERYTHING- EVERYTHING done to perfection-While Charlton was here this morning picking up and loading up what they had so expertly Put in place yesterday- I called and had a really nice visit with Jami Posh to relate our experience to her about what a great job Charlton and his guys do and how pleased we are with their service! I told her that being an ole ex teacher I graded everything from an A to F or on the Yelp scale of 1-5. She asked - well how do you rate Charlton and his crew- I said a 7- - she laughed- and said- what about a 10! A 10 it is- I replied!! LOL Nothing else needs to be said!! Dale & Linda B Fort Worth Texas”