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Julian Leever Events bring us a tasteful table inspired by Italy. Julian is our modern-day renaissance man, embracing all knowledge and developing his own capabilities as fully as possible, with bow ties to boot. His passion for travel and all things La Dolce Vita emanates through his persona and styling. We knew we would get a masterful moment when we asked him to set the table. Add in Gro Designs (adore) and Southern Fried Paper (ditto) and this tablescape became an anchor of ease and elegance in our showroom. No matter the constant motion of a busy space or the world that asks you to be two steps ahead at all times, this tablescape asks you to sit…to be present…to be here now in the very fabulous Julian way.

When planning one of the biggest social days of your life, there are certain boxes to check in a planner: And Julian Leaver checks them all making the process enjoyable rather than stressful. We’ve heard it from staff, from other planners, and most of all, from clients. There is a reason he can proclaim “Your Trusted Guide for Navigating Life’s Most Important Moments” on his namesake website. To liberate clients enough to express their personal style and make everyone comfortable is THE gift of an event planner in this evolving world. So to start this off with a love note, we adore YOU, Julian, and the amazing team you have assembled (shout out Sarah Kane). We’d gladly end any hectic event by sharing tacos with you!