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There is a certain spirit among soulful event designers that makes them stand out from the crowd. It’s more than event execution and innovation (although these traits certainly set the stage). No, it’s more of an uncommon elan–a suaveness that harnesses an ensemble cast of personalities and ushers in a graceful feeling of ease. We have always felt Hamilton Sneed and his namesake luxury experiential marketing and event firm HAS Events exude such a sentiment.

Whether Hamilton is creating emotional connections or promoting the latest Broadway number, he has always been a class act that takes guest experience centerstage. As a world traveler and Ferragamo lover, Hamilton has a deep respect for tradition with a flair for shaking things up juuuuuust enough for novelty and new conversations. And what can we say, we love being kept on our toes. Hamilton tagged this table’s vibe as Future Positive, and that is something we most definitely will run with, how about you?