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Our newest Caskata offering includes six patterns with sixteen overall key players. Think intricately designed pieces in classic gold, white, and onyx made to perform perfectly as a set or play well with the contemporary elements of our essential collections.

WOMEN WHO OWN IT: As a women-owned and operated business ourselves, we lean towards embracing brands that share their seat with females at the helm. Principle Designer + President Shawn Laughlin sits at the head of the Caskata brand, working through issues we can all identify with (cash flow, manufacturing components, market dominance by corporate players) while staying inspired by her love of entertaining around a beautiful environment where people gather and linger. Laughlin wanted to make dinnerware based on formal traditions that were far from stuffy. She believes cooking is a creative way of expressing love, and sharing that with family and friends brings us much joy. Thus, Caskata was made for those who love gathering around the table, with good food, and drink, who also love sharing stories for those laugh until you cry kind of evenings. (I mean, we might be soulmates.)