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Specialty Linens

Due to Covid-19, some specialty items may not be available due to shipping restrictions.

Aberdeen Red Black
Abstract Sequins
Allure Blue Gold
Allure Blush Silver
Amazon Leaf Gold
Aqua Navy
Boho Cardinal
Bridely White Silver
Camille Sequins
Carousel Purple
Charming Gold
Chelsea Blush
Chelsea Silver
Chevron Black/Gold
Chevron Blush Metallic
Chevron White Gold
Chocolate Turquoise
Circles Silver
Coins Gold
Coins Ivory Sheer over Silver Lamour
Coins Red
Coins Silver
Como Ivory
Como Rose
Concerto Ivory
Concerto White
Coral Ivory
Coral Navy
Coral White
Cosmo Stripe Black
Cosmo Stripe Champagne
Cottonese White
Diamond Weave Gold Silver
Drops Champagne
Drops Gold
Flame Stitch
Foil Mixed Metal
Foil Silver
Garden Rose
Grand Lavender
Grand Pink
Grand Silver
Herington Silver
Honeysuckle Green
Lilac Spark
Madrid Frey Gold
Majestic Rose Gold
Marble Rose Gold
Metallic Embroidered
Metallic Fern
Metallic Sheer
Nexus Copper
Nexus Ivory
Opulence Gold Reversible
Opulence Orange Reversible
Opulence White Reversible
Painted Daisy
Paisley Reversible
Palladium Silver Reversible
Pantheon Gold
Pantheon Silver
Quill Black Silver
Quill Gold Silver
Regal Turquoise
Rose Foil Gold
Rose Foil Silver
Sand Dune
Scala Blush Reversible
Scala Ivory Reversible
Scala Silver Reversible
Soho Pink
Velvet Azure
Velvet Beige
Velvet Blush
Velvet Cafe
Velvet Charcoal
Velvet Cobalt
Velvet Copper
Velvet Eggplant
Velvet Gold
Velvet Indigo
Velvet Ivory
Velvet Poppy
Velvet Red
Velvet Royal
Velvet Tiffany
Velvet Turquoise
Verdigris Navy
Waterfall Black
Waterfall Blue
Waterfall Gold
Waterfall Green
Waterfall Red
Waterlily Blue
Waterlily Primary
Wavelength Camel
Wavelength Fuchsia
Wavelength Grey
Wavelength Navy
Woodland Green
Woodland White