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What To Pack in Your Basket

There is no better thing to do when you are looking to enjoy the outdoors during summer than to have a picnic. Great in the park, at the beach or pretty much anywhere you can lounge is an ideal location to have a picnic. Whether it’s perfectly planned out or spur of the moment, being prepared for a picture perfect picnic takes a little preparation!

When you think picnic, you picture plaid, finger foods, wine or a little bubbly, a blanket and of course a cute picnic basket. Think of it as a small party that is easy to pick up and move!

What’s inside our picnic basket, you ask?

1. Pack small plates. We think a bread and butter size or even salad size is perfect. Not too big and not too small, a great size for finger foods and snacks.
2. Flatware is definitely a must! Depending on the type of food you are serving, forks and knives should do the trick, don’t forget the spoons for serving!
3. Glassware. You don’t have to pack plastic glasses for a picnic; glass will do and even make your picnic chic.
4. Don’t forget the napkins. Cloth napkins will go a long way and won’t blow away if a little wind picks up.
5. Rattan chargers! Sturdy and durable, use them to serve food or place under disposable plates if you choose to go that route.
6. Jars come in handy to transport food and travel well.
7. A cutting board. Either for cheeses or bread, it will be perfect to keep food off the ground!

Now the other fun part…the food! This is where preparation is key and think picnic friendly foods. We suggest fruits, sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres and salads of any kind. Don’t forget dessert!

A few other things to consider…
1. Something to sit on. Consider the location of your picnic and what would be comfortable for you and your guests. Either blankets, a mat, or even lawn chairs are appropriate and comfortable!
2. Make a signature drink maybe a sangria or something homemade!
3. The time of day you will have your picnic. This will determine your food and whether or not you need a jacket!
4. Choose a fun and comfortable location. Consider one that will be fun for everyone attending your picnic.
5. Don’t forget things to clean up with! Trash bags, paper towels, and things like foil to cover your food.
6. Things to do when you’re not picnicking; like magazines or games. Picnics are meant to fun, light hearted and easy!

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