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Trends You Need To Know Translated Into Tabletop

Recently we stumbled across an article on MSN News under the Living and Home Décor section that read “The home décor trends you need to know” and while browsing through the pictures we couldn’t help but notice how relatable these trends are to a lot of our pieces here at P.O.S.H.®.

Since our day-to-day lives pretty much revolve around a few select things, P.O.S.H.® is definitely one of them. We love to translate trends that we see on the runway, in home décor, and all around us into tabletop designs. This is where we draw our inspiration from daily and why we love to share our ideas with you as well! When we specifically saw this article, our minds wandered off to a few select pieces that we offer…

Black + White Strip Linens via Pinterest available at P.O.S.H. ® || P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals® Mahogany Rose Couture China Collection

Stripes seem to constantly be in season and are very transitional. Whether you implement them with your napkins, linens, china, or glassware; stripes are a great accent or main pattern to design around.

Floral Plates available at P.O.S.H. ® Photo via Perez Photography | Sevres Antique China available at P.O.S.H.®; image via Pinterest Photo via Kelly Rucker Photography

Florals are a really big statement this season. There is something so fabulous about a great floral pattern that can really make a piece standout. We suggest using a floral linen or china pattern and building around those pieces with solid colors.

Left: P.O.S.H. ® In-house linen (Casablanca Onyx) | Right via Pinterest (Carolyne Roehm china): mix and match P.O.S.H. ® blue and white china with the Cane pattern

A cane pattern can be very intricate and is very bold if we do say so ourselves. Even though the pattern is bold, it is very do-able! Because the pattern is bold, we say why not do it big. We mean do the print in a bold color or accompanied by bold colors.

Exotic Bird China by Charles Sadek available at P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals ®

A very appropriate way to welcome spring is with birds. When we think spring, we think of chirping birds in the background and there is no better way than to use a bird pattern or print when designing your table.

Left: Items available at P.O.S.H. ® | Right: Leopard Print China available at P.O.S.H. ®

A graphic print makes us think of a 3D design, which it somewhat resembles after all. Going with bold patterns can be a bold move, but one worth taking if you ask us!

Left: P.O.S.H. ® in-house linen (Lattice Avocado reverse) | Right: Image by Kelly Rucker Photography

This pattern is definitely a classic, whether it be the main focus or just an accent. It is very similar to a lattice pattern and makes us think of the very preppy Palm Beach style.

Left: Purple table via Pinterest: Resource One Silver Petal Taffeta Linen available at P.O.S.H. ® | Right: Art Deco via Pinterest

Fish scales can be misinterpreted and make you think mermaid right off the bat. But, there are a lot of ways that fish scales or the appearance of fish scales have seemed to make their way into design.

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