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Tips for Styling a Table

It’s Tuesday again and of course our favorite, Tabletop Tuesday! And in honor or our favorite POSH Preference day of the week, we are sharing our tabletop styling tips. Not everyone knows how to style a table or where to even start when it comes to putting a tabletop together so it is only fitting that we share some tips for styling a table. We like to consider ourselves experts in this area and that’s why we want to let you in on our secrets, because styling a table can be so rewarding and your guests will be blown away when you add those extra special touches!

1. Create a Vision and Know What you Want the End Result to Look Like

It’s easier to know where to start when you know where you want it to go! Come up with a color scheme or palette that you can build from. Once you have a vision, it will be easier to bring your table and vision to life.

2. Make it Unique

Use elements that aren’t like anything else you have ever seen before. Find things that are new and will bring a new light to your table!

3. Choose a theme or design around a Statement Piece

Whether you love flowers or have a special piece that you want to put your place settings around, use something that reflects your style and personality. This way when your guests are seated they will know that you put a lot of thought and effort into your table!

4. Create Place Settings

Personalize your place settings so your guests feel special. There is nothing better than arriving to a dinner party and seeing how specialized and how much thought was put into a tabletop. After all, design is all about the details!

5. Make the table functional

You want to make sure there are a few things that make your table an easy environment to sit at and function. First, make sure your guests can see each other over the centerpieces, that way they can chat across the table and not feel like they are being hidden. Next, the flow of your table should be conducive for passing things around with ease. Last, don’t overcrowd your table. There is nothing worse than picking something up, even as simple as a glass, and not being able to set it back down because there is no room!

We hope this is a good start for you to create your tabletops! Because it truly is so rewarding to have a beautiful place for your guests to gather around and create lasting memories!


POSH Couture Rentals

Rentals: POSH Couture Rentals // Photography: Charla Storey Photography // Floral: Bows and Arrows // Design: After Yes // Venue: Empire Room

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