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What can we say about Donnie Brown that you don't already know? The luxury wedding and event planner based in Texas made his mark years ago and is still going strong. He is like the best champagne - effervescent and bubbly, ready to get the party started, yet dry enough to have wit and taste. Like all of his clients and brides, we simply adore him. He took time from his busy Fall schedule to answer a few questions regarding work and play.

What are the key elements to a great party or event?
I refer to this as TALC: Texture, Aroma, Light, Color. If you pay attention to these components, your event will always be a success.
What trends are you seeing for Fall 2014?
Simple and sophisticated is in, complicated and busy is out. Think monochromatic color schemes, one flower type designs, and reflective elements such as crystals and stone are all very hot right now.
Favorite location for an event?
I always love weddings in private homes, as well as art galleries, gardens, and luxury hotel spaces for more intimate vibes.
To rent or not to rent?
You should rent as many elements as possible! However, be careful what companies you rent from. Make sure the product doesn't look "rented". If it would work in your living space and reflects you, then it can be an important element to your wedding or event.
What are your hosting tips?
For weddings, you are hosting what is likely the largest event of your life. Just because you are the guest of honor doesn't mean you should reconsider your role. Everyone is there to see you, so you should be gracious, happy, and welcoming. Your guests are not a burden - they are your guests! Additionally, don't let details stress you out during the event. You've done the work; let go and have a good time. If you're happy, your guests will be too. The days of bridezilla are over!
If planning on a budget, where should you splurge?
Save on favors, shop hard to find a good deal on your dress, and plan carefully so you don't forget things until the last minute. You will always overspend if you wait until the 11th hour. Splurge on things your guests will enjoy - food, decor, and entertainment.
What one thing does every client forget when planning their event?
Transportation always gets left until the last minute. The transport companies can only be in one place at at time, so book early and capture the savings of advanced booking.
How do you create the perfect tablescape?
Choose a palate that includes different patterns and textures in china, silver, and crystal. Insure the floral is remarkable and at eye level so guests can still see one another. If you do elevate the floral, make sure the apparatus or container isn't obtrusive and that there is something lovely at the base. You don't want your guests to have to look up to see the beauty of your decor.
What makes an event memorable? A great host? Killer playlist? Tablescape? Great food? Definitely all of the above. You've heard that it takes a village...that same concept applies to the atmosphere of your event. Make sure all the details have been attended to and work together seamlessly.

What's your most memorable event?
I'll never forget the moment that LeAnn Rimes first saw her wedding reception. There was a light in her eyes that was just incredible.
Three things we don't know about you.
1. I'm an avid cook. 2. I'm crazy about pro football. 3. I'm a political animal. (Don't ask; I won't tell!)
Fave food... sushi Currently reading... Inferno by Dan Brown Listening to...Smash
Can't wait to watch... Gravity
What are you currently planning?
A vacation in St. John in a private seaside villa with several of our favorite people.
My personal style is...
Clean lines, natural palettes, and minimalist decor.
My hosting style is...
Excess is best!
My motto is...
Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!

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