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Tastemaker | Bridal Blooms & Creations

Today we are taking you inside the world of Bridal Blooms and Creations, a company dedicated to providing the perfect floral experience for the wedding and event of your dreams. When it comes to event planning all your ducks have to be in line and beyond the tabletop, creating your ideal event would not be complete without the floral aspect. Bridal Blooms and Creations has one goal, bring your vision to life and when you’ve got a company dedicated to making your event outstanding, you know they won’t disappoint. For twenty three years now, they have been creating and crafting flowers for all sorts of events and weddings and if you ask us, that’s a lot of experience and one heck of a resume!

The CEO of Bridal Blooms and Creations herself, Pamm Meyers-Schatz, was kind enough to take us inside her company and share with us what they are all about. Enjoy!

Tell us the background of Bridal Blooms, how did it come to be?
I started Bridal Blooms & Creations in February of 1990. I had been in the retail floral and theme event Industry for years. Then my granddaughter Mariah was born in December of 1989 and I wanted to have my own company so I would be around to spend time with her. Little did I know that it would explode and not only take over my time but that she would be running the company in 2014.

What is the first thing you tell a client when they come to you?
First I ask them lots of questions. What is the vision they have for their wedding or their event?
Can I see the images they have posted to their Pinterest pages? What colors are they working with?
If they are trying to decide on colors, I direct them to my color web site
After that, I ask them if they have favorite flowers they want to incorporate. Anything of sentimental value, like what did the bride’s mother or grandmother have in her bouquet, things like that or any family heirlooms we want to incorporate.
Once I know all of that, I am able to make suggestions to them. One last thing, before they leave I ask them what they are hoping to spend on flowers.
From that I type up an estimate that includes their hopes and dreams for flowers. Then if I need to I prepare an estimate or two that is reality budget based.

The biggest trends of 2014 you are seeing…
The biggest trends for flowers that I see is that bride’s are going for more casual looking blooms and designs. More free style looking bouquets. Bouquets are trending to look like they have just been picked out of the garden. Now mind you, it still takes a lot of work to make them look like they just fell into place that way.
Brides and their bridesmaids are doing more head floral and it really goes along with that more casual, we are here to have fun wedding atmosphere.
Weddings are becoming more casual. Barns and small intimate casual venues are blossoming everywhere. Formal and fully staged are still big, but the casual wedding is growing in popularity.

Your perfect flower arrangement…
I love the look of flowers placed simply and cleanly in a vase. Not too tightly structured.
This arrangement might contain, Hydrangea, Tulips, Cosmos, seeded Eucalyptus, Amaranths, etc.
What is your ideal color combination?
Personally, I love soft romantic colors. Mixed peach and blush with hints of moss or sage green and cream are my favorite.
What is the best part of your job
Helping bring a clients vision to life in a more powerful and impactful way than they envisioned.

What is your favorite rental item from POSH?
The stemware and designer pieces. The chairs as well. And let’s not forget the beautiful new wood tables.

Do you take into consideration the tabletop items when creating the floral arrangements? If so, how do you generally build your pieces around those or incorporate your floral with them?
Absolutely, it is all part of the ensemble. We want it all to work for the best possible outcome. In this way linen and lighting are also very important to the overall décor plan.
I like to use what the client has wanted to incorporate and find the best way to make it all mold together perfectly.
What inspires you and/or your team?
A fun client with a good budget is obviously very nice. But small budgets can also be fun to work with.
I think every client brings in their own inspiration because we rarely create two events alike. Even if we go to the same venue all the time, we are still working with the varied tastes of our clients and their color palates. So for me, each event offers it own unique inspiration.

Tell us about your other ventures in the industry...

I created because most brides have a hard time envisioning what colors look well together. They are considering navy blue dresses, but don’t know what flowers will work the best with that color dress. YWC helps them to visually see what that will look like as well as see other color options. They can also see what flowers come in for a particular season and what colors specific flowers come in. Soon we will be adding a page to purchase on line bouquets, as well as, a registry that will allow guests to give you funds for your floral or establish a fund bank that will let clients use it as they wish.
I am a founding member of The Society Of Wedding Professionals. I have always been part of a wedding association. The Association Of Bridal Consultants (I am certified through), Wedding Entrepreneurs Of Distinction was before JWI (June Weddings Inc. and now SWP replaced JWI. We are also a member of NACE. I think that membership in these organizations offers its privileges. You get to network and build relationships with Dallas Top Wedding and Event Professionals. There is always something wonderful to learn from these events.

Any tips for picking out the perfect arrangement or building one of our own at home?
Picking out the perfect arrangement is a personal decision. For most of us it is what appeals to you personally. Look for clean water and fresh blooms and of course it will be driven by where you are going to be placing your floral design. If your in a room with lots of space and tall ceilings. You need an oversize design to create an impact.
If you’re going DIY, then keep it simple! Don’t try to over complicate an arrangement. The best thing is a clean vase with fresh cold water that will not be set in the sun. No sugar or additives are needed, just change the water and keep it clean and cold. Keep in mind, most flowers you purchase from the corner grocer are already several days old so the life span is going to be shorter than something that is special ordered, a good rule of thumb, ask them for what recently came in. Then simply place your blooms nestled into a vase in a way that looks pretty to you. Bundle your blooms together so that the main parts of each of your blooms are at the same level, I like to make it in my hand and then release it into the vase. If you’re going for tall then don’t cut more than 1” inch off the stem and immediately put it in water. Flower stems will dry within a few moments if you cut them and lay them down. So cut and put in water right away.

Check out Bridal Blooms and Creations at

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