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Tailgating in Style

Football season is in full swing and that means one thing…tailgates! Initially our opinion of a tailgate involves men with painted faces, hotdogs, lots of beer and screaming fans. And while all that sounds fun it is not the most glamorous of affairs. Our idea of the picturesque tailgate involves champagne, a lunch spread that could kill and a multitude of outdoor televisions to watch our favorite teams, and that’s why it is the quote on quote ‘girl’ version of a tailgate. To balance out the scales we have come up the best way to tailgate in style and make all parties equally happy and excited for football season! Whether you’re hosting at your home or in the stadium parking lot, get ready to tailgate with P.O.S.H. style.

It is important to be prepared a day or so before the actual day of the game because game day can be very hectic! Prepare a menu full of everyone’s favorites, decorations complete with your team colors and all the essentials to host any and all friends, family and guests that may stop by.

There are a few essentials when it comes to tailgating that include a grill, a cooler, plastic utensils and food! Besides these basics don’t forget the little things that most of us forget: bottle opener and corkscrew, water for drinking purposes and to douse hot coals, trash bags to clean up your mess, paper towels and napkins, a knife for slicing things, and ice. While these are the simple essentials, there are a few P.O.S.H. essentials that are a must! ‘Green’ paper plates and bowls, rattan chargers to make paper products sturdier and a tablecloth. Just because it’s a tailgate, doesn’t mean it can’t be posh!


Hamburgers and hotdogs are a must for the kids and tailgate traditionalists, but up the ante with some delicious recipes. We suggest some of these recipes from Food Network’s Top 50 Tailgating recipes like charred corn guacamole, spicy fried chicken wings, Texas chili and chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. These are a solid crowd pleaser and might even attract more than your party alone.

For all your tailgating essentials come into P.O.S.H. for a little help!

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