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Tabletop Tuesday | Vendor Appreciation Luncheon hosted By Emily Clarke

When you’ve been in the business a while you start to accumulate close friends, great business relationships and tight binds within the industry. All these wonderful things don’t happen over night and it makes it even more special to see professionals in the DFW area succeed and watch how far they take their companies! In this particular case we get to share a magnificent Vendor Appreciation Lunch hosted by Emily Clarke Events at 129 Leslie. After many years of being in the biz, Emily Clarke knows a thing or two about parties. One would say that she is an expert actually, and that she knows her way around a tabletop design; the girl really does it all! And no detail was left out for this vendor appreciation luncheon, let us tell you.

For the tabletop, she combined the Arte Italica charger with the Blue and White china and that combination is always a winner in our book. It is a classic style combination that stands out in all the right ways. With natural flowers designed by Leeny’s Flowers that lined the middle, the tables took on a whole design of their own. The right tabletop makes an event even more special. This tabletop combination is perfect for so many events and transitions so nicely from season to season without ever going out of style.

With a theme of “because you’re bloody fabulous” and “we can’t sing without you” we love the aesthetic of this fun gospel brunch! Overall so warm and welcoming is a good way to explain how we feel about the design. All the wonderful vendors did a great job with their pieces and Emily Clarke made it so chic and elegant with her special touch!

Get the look with P.O.S.H.

Arte Italica Charger

Blue + White China

Oneida Michelangelo Flatware

Godinger Amber Water Goblet

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