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Tabletop Tuesday | Make your Holiday Table Stand Out

Today we are doing something a little different with Tabletop Tuesday! Since the holidays are right around the corner it’s time to start planning your holiday menus and tables. It’s never too early if you ask us! To get all of us started on the right foot, we are bringing you 8 ways to make your holiday table stand out and wow your guests. From gorgeous centerpieces to place settings that will make you swoon, we have a little bag of tricks and today we are sharing them with you. So go on and be the hostess with the mostest and make everyone wish they knew your secret. Enjoy!

Line your table with Decadent Candelabras

Candles make a tabletop very intimate and special. When you add those candles to a candelabrum, your table will be the definition of decadent. Candelabras may seem over the top for a tabletop, but they most certainly are not, they are perfect for the holidays! At P.O.S.H. we have a variety of candelabras perfect for your table, take a peek here!

Accessorize your Table

Fill vases with pine cones and ornaments or lights and garland. Not only are the place settings a special part of the tabletop, but the accessories are important too. Whether you use pine cones, ornaments, lights , garland, or something more special and meaningful to you that represents the holidays, make sure you go all out. Why not make it a holiday for the books?

Decorate the Dessert Table

Whether it’s with elegant cake stands, tiered pieces or grand Silver Samovars to serve tea and coffee don’t forget about the dessert table. Having your dessert table stand alone will make a big impact on your holiday look. Along with the beautiful pieces to display the yummy desserts, adorn the table with berries and garlands to make it festive.

Spread Holiday Cheer with Champagne

The holidays are a time for cheer and celebration! Make sure your table is filled with champagne flutes to celebrate the night away. Fill your place settings and table with flutes of all different designs. After all, there is more holiday cheer when there are more champagne glasses! For the little ones, make sure you have extra Sparkling Cider on hand so they feel included in all the special toasts.

Add Fruit to your Place Settings and Centerpieces

Adding apples, pears or berries to your place settings are the perfect touch for a holiday table. They add a personal touch and make a place setting rich and wonderful! Stick a name card in the pieces of fruit for assigned seating or add little notes of holiday cheer to share with your guests. The personal touches really make the holidays all the more special. Use garland to line the center of your table, it is the perfect decoration to make a holiday table!

When in doubt, use Holiday Linens

Plaids, patterns and florals are perfect for holiday linens. Whether you combine a neutral linen with patterned napkins or a patterned linen with neutral napkins, pull out the crème de crème of your collection. It’s not every day that you get to use your special pieces and beautiful linens, but the holidays are the perfect time to use them! Some of our favorites this year are the Sheer Scroll linens from our House Collection, they are decadent and perfect for holiday glamour.

Use Name Cards for Seating

Creating a seating arrangement around your table is perfect if you are hosting a group of guests who don’t know each other very well. Placing people next to each other allows them to strike up conversation and get to know one another. Even if all your guests are good friends use name cards to make your table personal and it will show how much time and effort you put in to your design.

Use your Special China

Almost everyone has that set of china that is quote on quote, reserved for special occasions, but we say don’t save it just for events that occur every 10 years. Use your special china for the holidays! Why not pull out all the stops and use your special pieces? After all, you have them for a reason don’t you? Listen to us and take down the china from the top shelf and dust it off!

To make your holiday special come into P.O.S.H. for all the things you need to complete your holiday table!

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