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Dishing Up Spring Arrivals with Vestals Catering

The art of plating served with the verve of Vestals Catering

There is an art to storytelling around the table. It involves passion and enthusiasm for culture, people, the atmosphere, and of course, the food. So, how do you coax poetry out of an event with food? Setting the table helps if we do say so ourselves. Each accent serves, quite literally, as an accentuation of function and purpose. You’ll have smell, taste, and texture, but the meal must also shine. Being able to throw wine around a glass (the swirl factor) plus appreciate its glow. The wide rim of charger, the curve of a soup bowl, the perfect weight and dimension of cutlery, the ease of the perfect amuse-bouche! The AMUSE BOUCHE! The gastronomical pleasure with sight, people. It’s a true delight. Don’t forget the chair? How can you enjoy a meal if the chair is uncomfortable or unsteady?

We love partnering with caterers who get the sentiment above, and Vestals happens to be one. From intimate dinner parties with friends, formal luncheons with colleagues, marrying the love of your life, and every moment in between, Vestals shares a commonality with us—a precisely measured seat at the table. Food tends to bring people closer, and a well-set table creates an inviting atmosphere to linger longer, together. For both of us, no event is too big or too small, making us great collaborators on setting up your special occasions. Without further adieu, let’s get to know Vestals a bit better with the help of their Marketing Director Kortni Jeske.

Tell us a bit about Vestals for those not familiar?

  • At Vestals, we are hopelessly devoted to the beauty of the bountiful table. We’re committed to using the best ingredients available to us, thus we buy seasonally, support locally, and stand by our cuisine. We started small, creating elegant but intimate backyard suppers, and as our vision grew, we never lost the spirit of that same personal and trustworthy service. We aim to create memorable moments and meals that guests will savor for a lifetime.

What inspires the menus you create?

  • The beauty of the current season’s bounty is our primary source of menu inspiration, as those are the best ingredients available to us at any given time. We custom-create each event’s menu based on our clients’ unique and personal tastes, goals, budget, and more.

Favorite food and beverage pairings?

  • We love to create classic pairings that are executed with precision. Some all-time favorites would have to include Tacos and Margaritas, Fried Chicken Biscuits, and Bourbon Milkshakes.. but we love to kick it up a notch with Champagne and Caviar, or Flourless Chocolate Cake and Espresso Martinis! Creating food and beverage pairings is one of our favorite things to do - it’s fun for everyone!

What's an unexpected time you need a caterer that we haven't thought of yet?

  • As much as we hate to think about it, an extremely convenient time to hire a caterer is when hosting a Celebration of Life. People in mourning have enough going on, that to have a full-service caterer ensuring no detail is missed and guests are well taken care of, can make all the difference during such an already difficult and no doubt stressful time.

How do you pick the tabletop? Or does the client?

  • With the help of our mini POSH showroom located at our commissary kitchen, we’re able to give our clients an idea of what their tabletops could look like! Most clients know the direction they want to go in relation to their table design, but for those who need assistance there, we highly encourage them to make an appointment with POSH! Getting to play with all the pretty things is always a treat, and can give the client a very real picture of just how beautiful their event could become!

Why do you partner with POSH?

  • POSH, simply put, is reliable. And I mean that from the unmatched customer service to the incredibly quick turnaround time for quotes to the deliveries made that are always accurate. Posh’s deliveries are always well-organized, clearly labeled, exceptionally clean, and always on time! When it comes to rentals, you really can’t ask for much more than what POSH is able to consistently bring to the table (pun intended).

Any surprises or suggestions for the upcoming Spring season?

  • I predict we’ll see a lot of on-site grilling this season! Who doesn’t love a smoky, outdoor moment? The flavors and textures achieved by the grill are one-of-a-kind, and the experience as a whole feels elevated, yet approachable. Fresh vegetables, marinated locally sourced meats. I can smell it already!

Best way to reach you:

Kortni Jeske Vestals Catering Co.
Creative + Marketing
432-664-6958 (c)

Thank you to Hickory Street Annex for the beautiful location.

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