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Spotlight: Marie Daâge Chargers


For years, Marie Daâge has been on our radar as the self-proclaimed “La Haute Couture de la Table” with her beautiful creations. We loved her design aesthetic from the moment we first saw her hand-painted pieces. Each precisely executed brush of color and unique design culminates in a piece of art that creates an instant, special atmosphere for guests when they sit down to the table. Marie’s design philosophy obviously stuck out to us as well. She’s a woman after our own hearts with a love of mixing and matching possibilities. The Marie Daâge concept relies heavily on a truly unique tabletop meant to be a conversation starter. Like us, she compares tabletop design to fashion: “The excitement of a little black dress is changed by just adding a plate or cup. The table is a reflection of who you are. It’s like a friend. Dress it as tastefully as you would yourself, and create an environment that invites you to dine!”


Beyond the obvious beauty of these luxury pieces, the special, slow process of their creation is not to be overlooked. For over twenty-five years, Marie Daâge has combined 18th century methodologies while remaining au courant to the hostess with classical taste or a modern flair. Marie is an advocate for preserving traditional craftsmanship. Her collections are some of the last to be made exclusively of Limoges porcelain and entirely painted by hand by personally trained artists, using hand-mixed paints no less. (Pigments are intuitively created by Marie, and takes hours for several days. To the point, she only introduces one new color a year.) The fluidity of each brush stroke is reminiscent of classic watercolor paintings you’d find in a museum. There are no fill-in, paint-by-number offerings here. This technique makes for dimensions and color that offer no room for mistakes, making them a true piece of art worthy of a haute couture tabletop. If it sounds impressive, it’s because it certainly is. Marie’’s work and methodology were even recognized by her country with a Legion of Honor award in 2012.


Two of our favorite Marie Daâge pieces are the handpainted blush and gold chargers. Perfect for a tasteful soiree. Not only do the subtle yet striking colors highlight the presentation of the food, but they provide an elevated feel at the table that can only come from a French work of art. Imagine the occasion to share such a treat. We love the idea of matching the craftsmanship of Daâge with the artisanal Cutipol flatware collection from Spain in pink and gold. (Or white if you’re feeling more traditional). Pull up our Mila Blush chair to bring a mid-century vibe to your playfully elegant tabletop. And voilà, you have a table set for modern Parisian elegance.


Marie Daâge Champagne Stripe Charger, Kim Seybert Sahara Gold Charger, Coupe Black with Gold Rim China, Lucca Matte Black Flatware, Gold Floral Lace Demitasse, Extreme Riedel, Stella Goblet in Black

Marie Daâge Champagne Agate Charger, Cutipol GOA Pink and Gold, Signature Gold Glassware

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