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Set the Table: Mottahedeh Blue Lace Charger

Just in time for spring weddings and events, our Mottahedeh Blue Lace Chargers have landed in Dallas. Mottahedeh’s lace pattern has been a best seller for over 20 years, so of course we had our sights set on adding them to our showroom. Besides its vibrant hue, just what is it about this pattern that gives it such stylish staying power?

Since it first made its debut in Europe in the 16th century, imperial blue and white porcelains have been a mainstay in cultures around the world. Trickling down to the homes and tables of American royalty and our most iconic tastemakers, it left an indelible impression that hasn't been lifted. The Mottahedeh Blue Lace Charger is the perfect example of the timeless nature of blue and white porcelains. Inspired by the Chi’ing Dynasty porcelain service, this charger features a delicate, cornflower-blue lacework rim with a teardrop border and fillet of hand-painted 22-karat gold. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted of white porcelain and hand glazed by the artisans of Mottahedeh, a company dedicated to reproducing treasured antique patterns since the 1950s.

This uniquely versatile piece can be easily layered with other solids and patterns such as our Blue + White China and Marchesa Shades of Blue. Have your own vision in mind? Come visit our showroom to mix and match with all of our blue and white pieces. We can’t wait to see how you’ll use this hue.

Happy Planning!

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