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Set the Scene: Jan Barboglio

Setting the table has always been an act of love for us. The nostalgia and traditions of family and friends gathering around a table are the ultimate inspiration for any place setting, but especially during life’s milestone moments and seasonal events. When curating our catalog, we look to add original and distinctive pieces that express an emotion as well an art. To us, Jan Barboglio epitomizes the level of artistic elegance and uniquely spirited artifacts we search for when accessorizing our most important moments around the table.

A Weighted Influence

Jan Barboglio grew up on a ranch in Mexico, where she was heavily influenced by the landscape and beauty of her Old World hacienda. She began her career first by designing clothing with her sister but eventually moved onto home accessories out of necessity—–a hammered plate for candles around the dinner table, heavy goblets, and vases to accompany dining pieces. Each piece in her collection is painstakingly thought-out and made by hand; the materials reflect her surroundings and transform into a piece of art, creating a vibe that is unique to each tablescape.

We love the weight of her hammered metal chargers and iron candelabras for their rich history and ability to transform the essence of the table. With each piece cut, fashioned, forged, and finished by hand, her collection evokes an unforgettable aesthetic beloved by many Southwestern tastemakers.

Exclusively Ours

Jan Barboglio’s daughter, Pilar, was obviously influenced by her mother’s artistic expression as well. Pilar’s beautiful wedding is an endless source for mood boards and lifelong inspiration. For this special family event, Jan handcrafted one- of- a- kind bronze candelabras with wax grabbers, trumpet vases, and footed candles specifically for the occasion. After the wedding, POSH was fortunate to exclusively secure these one of a kind pieces to share in your special moments. (Please contact us for their availability!.)

Alone or together, these gorgeous pieces of art transform a table, especially when added with the Capricho Candelabra d’Mesa and the Lorenzoe d’Luz Candelabra, or sprinkled with bronze rose votives and glass vases. What a perfect way to create an unforgettable and romantic setting guests aren’t likely to forget.

Images 1-2:

1 and 2. Pilar's wedding, featuring Tulipan Bouquet Candelabra.

Image 3:

Jan Barboglio Capricho Candelabra d'Mesa.

Images 4:

Centerpieces: Jan Barboglio Trinity Laurel Vessel Footed Stand

Place Setting: Jan Barboglio Hammered Copper Charger, Leopard China with Mottahedeh Tree China, Cutipol Rondo Matte Gold Flatware, Avery Amber Goblet, Signature Gold Stemware

Images 5-7:

Centerpieces: Jan Barboglio Tulipan Bouquet Candelabra, Trinity Laurel Vessel Footed Stand, Rose Votive with Pepita Glass and Smoked Pepita Glass

Place Settings: Jan Barboglio Hammered Copper Charger, Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade Charger, Gold Bead Glass Salad and Bread Plates, Jan Barboglio Henderson Bowl with Cadenda Etch, Lucca Matte Black and Gold Flatware, Elise Cut Crystal Stemware, Duchess Goblet in Green and Yellow, Black and Gold Bread Plate

More Jan Barboglio serving pieces and accessories can be found in our catalogue.

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