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Rustic Chic

There is something so whimsical about a rustic chic theme. The combination of the wood, neutral tones and elegant details creates an allure that is hard not to picture it somewhat out of a fairytale at times. In fact, the perception of rustic chic can mean something different to everyone! Yet, to most rustic chic bares an element of southern charm that is hard to shake (and we think it is what makes it so ideal)! To some it may mean outdoors with all natural elements and simple at times, while others may picture a combination of garden-like décor with rustic elements. A barn is not necessary to create a wonderful rustic chic décor! Either way, trying to achieve a rustic chic appearance stands out on its own, if done right.

Incorporating rustic chic into your event can be done with the smallest of details to overall themes. There are pieces such as the mason jar, string lighting, and wood farm tables or cross-back chairs that are essential to a rustic theme. Overall, we love how these elements come together to create the perfect table and are partial to going all out to create the perfect look.

Our ideal rustic chic table design incorporates many of our P.O.S.H.® pieces to create the perfect design. Our first thought is to use our wooden mayflower farm table and wooden cross-back chairs that exude the feeling of rustic and honestly they go together better than peanut butter and jelly. In terms of creating the perfect tabletop, see below for what we believe are some of the best pieces to create rustic chic perfection!

Let us know what your idea of rustic chic is!

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