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Posh Blog

Pretty. Ornate. Sophisticated. Haute

These four words hold a significant meaning to us at POSH. Not only are they the acronyms for our name, but they are the standard at which we hold our company. We believe in defining the moment guests sit at your table. Luxury should be brought into your everyday, not just for the biggest events of the year. That’s why we value the way we go about designing a tabletop, it should be personal and reflect your personal style.

Attractive in a delicate way. When we think of a pretty tabletop, we think of feminine and soft pieces. Make your tabletop pretty with by incorporating small intricate details like our Dynasty flatware and glass flower bowl.

Made in an intricate shape or decorated with complex patterns. Ornate tabletops are composed of chic collections. With stunning details and luxurious style, ornate pieces can be a combination of mixing between the high and the low. Ornate tabletops are a great way to embrace evolving style.

Developed to a high degree of complexity. Sophistication is the epitome of elegance. A sophisticated tabletop eludes the presence of true style and confidence. From the Blue and White china to Versailles collections, putting together a sophisticated table is easier than you may think.

Fashionably elegant or high-class. Luxury is a necessity for keeping a hold on what’s haute. From Arte Italica to Charles Sadek to the Versace Collection, these pieces create an impactful tabletop that will lead to an extremely high standard. Sometimes, more is really more.

To create your pretty, ornate, sophisticated or haute tabletops try our Virtual Table feature to get your ideal design!

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