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POSH 101 | Set up the Bar

Just a taste of what POSH has to offer in glassware. Rows from top left: Crystal Champagne Coup, Classico Flute, Pure Flute, Silver Floral Lace Flute, Valencia Etched Glass Flute / Balloon Red Wine, Classico White Wine, Red Chloe, Purple Stella / Classico Pilsner, Gold Scroll Pilsner / Irish Coffee Mug, Classico Old Fashioned, Brandy Snifter, Elise Cut Crystal Double Old Fashioned / Classico Cordial, Gold Leaf Cordial, Gold Floral Lace "Hot Toddy" Demitasse. Note: Blue circles indicate new items.

Mixologists, craft beers, and specialty cocktails are on the rise in Dallas. As the holiday season kicks into high gear, we're brainstorming on how to incorporate the best beverages into our parties. Of course, presentation is everything, so here are a few tips on picking the perfect statement stemware for an impressive displays come cocktail hour.

Serve your SPARKLING WINES in flutes, tulips, and coups. Fun fact: The original cocktail was served in a coup as is making a big comeback thanks to vintage inspired bars and movies like The Great Gatsby. Build a champagne tower of crystal coups or serve up some bubbly in shimmering etched flutes, like our Valencia Etched Stemware or Silver Floral Lace Flute - perfect for toasting the holidays or bringing in the New Year!

WINES are meant to be enhanced by their stemware. We offer everything from Riedel's award-winning linen of stemware to fun alternatives in bright pops of color and whimsical patterns. Our favorite new addition? The purple Stella goblet - it's sturdy with a wide mouth, perfect for pouring and sipping throughout the night.

Serve straight liquors in their specific glassware. We offer everything from shot glasses and cognac and brandy snifters to martini glasses and old-fashioneds. We love the idea of a seasonal warm beverage served in our Hot Toddy demitasse or Irish Coffee Mug. For dessert wines, pick a cordial that serves just the right amount for such a sweet liquor.

What else do you need for the perfect bar? How about a perfect ride. We love UBER for their posh ride, plus you can drink and dance the night away without worrying about driving.

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