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Posh Blog

POSH 101: Finger Foods

Whether you're hosting a dinner for the CEO or attending an event as a guest, your etiquette should be just as polished as the flatware. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to brush up the rules of graceful entertaining. Thus, this is the start of a new series of timeless traditions and modern translations - POSH 101.

Our business revolves around events where food often gets top billing. We've witnessed firsthand the somewhat confusing song and dance of patrons at galas or dinner parties unsure of how to eat the amazing hors d'oeuvres and entrés. Rather than let your taste buds miss out, we thought it would be apropos to start this series with dishes that are acceptable to eat with your hands. Unless your accustomed to traditional Indian restaurants (which abide by the ritual of a more emotional and intimate custom of eating with your right hand), eating with your hands may initially seem a bit awkward in a Western setting. To make things easier, we've listed a few dishes below. Nervous? Here's a good rule of thumb: Follow the host's lead; if he or she embraces finger foods you should as well. It's sure to lighten the mood!

Cherries and our vintage glass compotes | French fries in amuse bouche and our Onyx compotes | Lemon bars and breads on our serving dishes and Copper Metallic Moss B&B charger | Asparagus, corn, and artichoke on our Catering Collection


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