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Posh 101 | Decode The Dress Code

Sometimes decoding the dress code on an invitation can be confusing. No one wants to be the one person under-dressed or over-dressed, so it is important to know what attire is appropriate for an event. Just as what you wear is important, it is equally important to have place settings that reflect the formality of your event. Unsure of what this all means? Well, here’s how to figure it out:

From Revelry House, we bring you more descriptive definitions of what each means:

Casual: What you choose to wear here is dependent on both climate and occasion – example: we wouldn’t suggest that your guy wear cargo shorts to a wedding. For the most part, khakis or nice jeans and a polo shirt or casual button-up is fine for men. For gals, we suggest a sundress, maxi skirt or nice jeans (no rips!) with a plain t-shirt or casual blouse.
Resort Chic (also referred to as Garden Party or Patio Attire): In most cases, this instruction is reserved for weddings and receptions. Here, your outfit should err on the dressier side of casual (above) with a dress or skirt. Embellished sandals or wedges are perfect for the occasion. Men should wear slacks and a nice linen top with loafers. Both guys and gals should avoid jeans.
Cocktail Attire/ Semi-formal: Here, guests are invited to accessorize according to the holiday or occasion (it’s “Festive” after all). Ladies, the rules are the same here as with semi-formal attire (discussed below), perhaps just a bit more holiday-focused. For the gents, its’ a little less formal. Men can wear a blazer and slacks and can even consider a holiday tie.
Black Tie (also referred to as Formal): Gals are expected to wear floor-length evening gowns or an especially embellished and fancy LBD. Guys should stick with a black tuxedo with patent leather dress shoes. On some occasions, they could also wear tuxedo pants and bowtie with a white dinner jacket.

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