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Party Tips

With Christmas and New Years just around the corner, it means there will be parties galore. Whether you are hosting or attending it is essential to have a few tips up your sleeve to make the holiday party season run smoothly! Preparation is key whether it’s for your outfit or your table settings; we want to make sure you can take these tips with you all year long.

Be the Hostess with the Mostess

1. Put together a Guest List and send out Invites

This way you will be prepared for how much food to buy, the appropriate means to stock your bar, and how many people you can expect. Sending out invites is also a cute way to show a preview for your party and its theme. Send traditionally through the mail or through email, either way your guests will appreciate your effort.

2. Come up with an Easy Menu

Don’t kill yourself in the kitchen. Whether you are planning a full course dinner or finger foods, make items that you know are good and you have prepared before. There is nothing worse than running into a problem with a dish that you have never cooked before!

3. Make some of your Appetizers ahead of Time

Anything that can be made ahead of time should be! This will make the day of the party that much smoother and easier to prepare. Think items that store well in the fridge or desserts that can prepare or be just be covered and good to go.

4. Make a To-do List

In the last few days or even hours, make yourself a list of all the things you have to get done. This way nothing will be forgotten and you can double check and feel reassured!

5. Choose your decorations

Get festive with it! Use holiday china or colorful napkins that will give your party a little something extra.

6. Set the Bar

Make sure to have all sorts of drinks to accommodate all your guests. Our personal favorite: champagne.

7. Have Fun and Enjoy

This is the most important part! Don’t stress too much. Everyone is always so grateful and excited for holiday parties that they won’t even notice if something is/went a little wrong. After all, it’s all about the company you’re with and the conversations you share!

Attend and Set a Trend

1. RSVP on Time

It’s important for the host/hostess to know how many people with be attending so they can plan and prepare. Don’t be rude and RSVP!

2. Ask if there is anything you can Contribute

They will most likely refuse, but it’s always a nice gesture to ask anyways! Sometimes the hostess can be so overwhelmed that they need just a little bit of help.

3. Choose an appropriate Outfit

Go all out! Choose something that makes you feel and look great. When you feel great you are more likely to have a better time and feel comfortable. So go shopping and pick out something fabulous!

4. Get a host/hostess gift

Never arrive to a party without a small gift of some sort for the hostess. It doesn’t have to be much, but something that shows you care will go a long way. You want to be invited back don’t you?

5. Arrive on Time

There is a reason that there is a set time for the party, so arrive on time. It’s not cool to be late.

6. Have proper Etiquette

Interact and meet new people. Don’t be a wallflower; you never know who you will meet next! Refer to Emily Post and her many etiquette tips.

7. Stick around and help with Clean Up

The hostess has already done all the work for preparation and during the party so the least you can do is offer to help with the clean up! The extra gesture will show how much you care.

We hope these tips will prepare you for your next soiree and give you a head start! Happy holidays and we hope you choose to celebrate with P.O.S.H.!

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