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Spring Reset: The Future Requests Your RSVP

The imminent scene of color blossoming in the wild has officially initiated its energetic hold in our showroom with the Spring Designers Series. These tablescapes ask us to tune in to the present in order to savor the ways we can make life sweeter, more bearable even, especially as we continuously move through transitional times.

Spring sets the tone for art de vivre with her determined rebirth, self-invention, and most importantly, continuance. This begins with appreciating the beauty of every day and adopting it everywhere else in our lives. A penchant for such sentiments touches on pleasure and luxury–whether its food (always seasonal and scrumptious), the expression (dopamine dressing, take a bow), and another French word we’ve aspired to embody— volupt (meaning to please all of the senses). This is how we beautifully share our love language of entertaining around the table. May it be the powerful tonic you need to begin new traditions because life is too short not to break out the fine china.

Over the next two months, we will share six special designers and their unique tao of tabletop. Chic can be elusive, but with a sense of modernity and a wink at the past, each designer more than met this moment. They generously gifted us their expertise with a favorable interpretation of the kind of Spring ambiance that offers a graceful escape and ease. The images are stunning (thank you Tamytha!) but so are the thoughts behind them. Please also offer your undivided attention to the influence of the words below. Never forget, Spring is eternal for those who play. Joy is served.


Bespoke but never boring, Kane & Co defines clever boutique events. Their calling card is also their modus operandi–Eye Candy Everywhere, and it takes but a glance at their Instagram to recognize this glorious and most discernible methodology.

Clients call on Margaret Kane Ryder (the creative behind the brand) and her team for delightful pattern play that even prints charming would find hard to beat. We’re talking technical virtuosity and striking visuals from every angle. Their enchanting sensibility lends itself to one of our favorite quotes from Elsie de Wolfe, “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.” And it has to be said, after all that we are going through collectively, living up to this beautiful sentiment feels more necessary now than ever.

We always say the great style benefits from the spontaneity of rentals, and Margaret’s evolving aesthetic always reimagines classic taste with her fresh picks. It’s as she says so succinctly, “Good design is never out of style.” You can sense the passion for great designs and nature coupled with inspiration for faraway places as soon as you walk into a Kane & Co Event. If you need a living example, just walk into our showroom. The team's stunning fuschia floral rain immediately draws the eye. So, when you're ready to transform your festive caterpillar into a butterfly, let this team of magicians take what you love, flip it and reverse it, so you’re singing a showstopping tune guests will want to hit repeat on for years to come.

We knew this was the perfect on-ramp to the Spring series based on the budding quince alone because a hint of spring is all we need to get this party started. So without further adieu, let’s spin some plates.


First things first, tell us a bit about yourself for someone who may not be familiar.

Kane & Co. is a full service lifestyle design firm specializing in interior design, event planning and floral arrangements. What began as a dream to share the beauty and power of nature grew to become a reliable source for all things floral which in turn expanded into the larger world of event planning and interior design.

How do you let a table tell a story?

We want each table to reflect the personality of the host. Layers make it interesting and we always love a mix. Beautiful tableware mixed with curated pieces create a welcoming setting. The devil is in the details.

What inspired this design?

The Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf pattern from POSH’s new collection was the basis of the color palette, and we drew on our inspiration from a beautiful Indian wedding.

What is your favorite piece on this table and why?

The green tulipieres were a special find that brought our table together. We filled them with beautiful Quince branches to complete the look!

Who would you want to bring to this table?

We have a fun-loving clientele, would love to belly up to this table with any of them… and Ted Lasso, of course!

Did you collaborate with anyone else on this table?

The bespoke menu cards are by Ellis Hill and the beautiful calligraphy is by Laurie Harper.

Best piece of hosting advice?

Always call Kane & Co.

What upcoming events are you excited about?

The world is ready to party! We can’t wait to celebrate engagements, birthdays, weddings, Easter, Mother’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, and even National Dog Day!


Tablescape Vibe:

Fun without being fussy, we love this enchanting study of artisan textures, proportions, and palette. From the flowering quince, auspiciously defined as a “hint of spring”, this extremely early bloomer doesn’t just start the Spring party; it inspires a quantum leap, reminding you the show is far from over.

Palette + Pattern

Technicolor tones mixed with playful floral and traditional patterns energize the senses. The tactile texture of rattan offers a playful reprieve from busy Dallas life as if loosening a too-tight color. This tablescape asks you to let go of winter’s heavy load and time shift to the present, please. Le sigh.

Conversation Piece:

The floral rainfall immediately lifts the eyes, but the conversation is grounded on the ties that bind–the rich and intricate pattern of the Ikat linen. It seems to strike up whatever magic you intend to weave while the divine touch of star anise and other exotic spices in ceramic tajines encourage both stability and expansion. Even a fly on the wall would have a ton of fun at this party.

Table + Chair:

Feng Shui says a square/rectangular table is more stable and calm, therefore good for long conversations. Don’t be afraid to bring up the deep questions you save for those fifteen-minute Uber rides with strangers (or is that just us?). The Villa Ballroom Chair adds an elegant seat of chic. It reminds you to take note that posture is important, if not a first impression on its own.

Dress Up:

You own your personal style gracefully while embracing global influences. We’re thinking a contemporary classic from Johanna Ortiz or Mara Hoffman hits the mark, especially when adorned accordingly with fire from Paula Mendoza. Who knows, maybe you’ll even take dopamine dressing to new levels and throw on Christopher John Rogers. Either way, dress for effect, doll. If you learn anything from this table, it’s don’t be a wallflower.


IKAT Linen with Dublin Blush Dinner Napkin | Rattan Square Charger | Coupe Blush Charger | Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf Dinner Plate | Christofle Flatware | Coupe Blush BB | Small Tajin with Lid | Vintage Blush Glassware | Pure Glassware | Paloma Double Old Fashioned | Villa White Chair with Natural Linen Cushion

What’s the best way to find you?

We are right around the corner from Posh on Leslie Street, come see us!

Call: (214) 214-4144


Follow along on Instagram:

Or find us at the dog park!

Thank you for reading. Stop by the showroom to be inspired by the Spring Series in person, or check back each week as we reveal another scene-stealing feast for the eyes. Coming up: KC Cloud Events, Pop Parties, Missy RSVP Events, Social Graces Events, and Mo&CO Custom Events.

Shout out to Tamytha Cameron Photography for capturing our Designer Series.

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