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Autumn Revival: Embrace the energetic shift on a new season with a few of our favorite Dallas tastemakers.

For Texans, we know Fall as the delightful emergence of society season. Soirees abound as cooler weather offers a reprieve from summer’s long and lazy sojourn. Holiday parties begin booking and October weddings begin blooming. And in the midst of these hectic schedules, our creative spirit once again flourishes as we begin purposefully setting the table for celebrated gatherings, big and small.

To this degree: It’s always a joy for us to see what our friends decide to bring to the table in the designer series. These six designers master the art of gathering by setting a finely tuned tablescape with just the right amount of drama to elevate the evening. You can summarize the current approach to tabletop in this seasonal remix as a rejuvenating return to you. There is no one trend taking centerstage; rather, the modus operandi appears to resonate with an authentic celebration of the comforts, luxuries, and elegance that exudes from signature style. These tablescapes invite us into the creative minds and emotions of each planner with unbridled enthusiasm and warmth. And as we always say, life is too short not to break out the fine china.


Get ready to Fall in love, and we don’t just mean with the tabletop. You may know this designer as the creative mind behind J. Scott Weddings but we know her as Jessica—a client that is as warm to every vendor as she is to her clients in the world of luxury weddings. We'd love riding shotgun and listening to country music hits with this Tennessee born/Texas planning powerhouse.

Jessica's love of her community and family goes deep (as you’ll read below) while her passion for interior design and luxury weddings is revealed in her refined selections— pretty and Southern for certain, but polished and couture all day long. These autumnal tones and textures offer the perfect transition from Texas’ lingering summer into early Fall. This table evokes that first blessed breeze that has us Texans reaching for a long sleeve shirt even though it’s only seventy degrees and sincerely states: Come on down. You CAN most definitely sit with us. So, without further adieu, let’s spin some plates.


First things first, tell us a bit about yourself for someone who may not be familiar.

I am a mama of three, business owner, and lead planner at J. Scott Weddings. I love a good Malbec, charcuterie board, traveling, and a good fire pit with s’mores.
I did not always know I wanted to be a wedding planner, or that I wanted to be one after my own wedding, as I have heard from most planners. I had years of event planning experience in different areas, but weddings stole my heart. The relationships that blossom between clients as you are there during such an incredible chapter of their life is very rewarding to me.
I am about quality over quantity. I would rather put on a small handful of luxury weddings each year than triple the amount of weddings doing the same old copy-and-paste approach. That is what inspires me.

How do you let a table tell a story?

I find one piece that inspires me and build out from there. In this case, I found the napkins first, which inspired my fun, bold, and feminine table setting.
Similarly, in my home, I will design my entire room around a lamp. Lamps are something I have no problem spending a lot on because they are in my opinion the highlight of the rooms.

What inspired this design?

My seventh-month-old daughter, Magnolia Grace believe it or not. She was a rainbow miracle baby. We went through multiple rounds of IVF and were told I should never get pregnant again after my twins. One of my factory quotes is “Bloom where you are planted” and I feel that is so true with Magnolia Grace and her story of existence.
Further inspiration for this design came from my childhood home in Tennessee. Those thirteen acres covered with Magnolia trees have always been comforting and effortlessly beautiful in a way that’s hard to explain.

What is your favorite piece on this table and why?

The magnolia napkins were my inspiration, but my favorite piece on this table has to be the pink glassware. Glassware can make or break a look. It can dress up a table and elevate it beyond any charger or napkin. It’s all in the details as they say. Glassware is often overlooked or not budgeted for, but it is so important when designing your dream tablescape in my professional opinion.

Who would you want to bring to this table?

A regular mama who is struggling with fertility, to encourage her to not give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Best piece of hosting advice?

Never host with paper or plastic, people want dishes and glassware! (Ha)! I love breaking into my antique cabinet to decorate and set the table with special serving pieces. But also, warm appetizers and spiked punch are always good ingredients when hosting.

Upcoming events you are excited about?

To be honest, with the season of life I am in right now as a business owner and mom of three, industry events are not something that I am able to prioritize right now. However, I am always following along with the award ceremonies and wedding industry groups. But I am looking forward to putting on some of the most high-end weddings of my career thus far.

Who would be a dream collaborator for you in this season of life?

Sinclair and Moore (who actually just moved to the DFW metroplex from Seattle!). I met Steve Moore at one of his floral worships in Seattle years ago, and he would be an honor to do a collaboration with in any form.


Tablescape Vibe:

You Southern charmer you. The feminine aesthetic takes a Tennessee turn that's as sweet as strawberry wine and warm as a glass of brandy with its mix of Magnolia floral motifs atop luxurious velvet linens. Elegant tabletop staples of Cutipol, Etched Glassware, and Arte Italica highlights the scene like a true Texan treat. You Southern gals feel us right?

Palette + Pattern

If you thought green was solely for spring you are sorely mistaken. Fall’s rich palette thrives in hues of asparagus, fern, and moss. Graceful shades of pink land every so softly atop a velvet fern linen further stating our case. These refined layers are beyond tempting for your favorite ladies who lunch.

Conversation Piece:

We do love our glassware rich with character. Vintage tones and textured glass offer an inviting feel that is as nostalgic and it is inviting. The Magnolia napkins add that deeply rooted emotional touch that further asks you to pull up a chair, pour up a glass, and enjoy time gathered around the table.

Table + Chair:

The velvet Mila makes the most graceful statement when it comes to a chic seat. She’s pretty in pink but please don’t ever underestimate this gal’s steadfast character.

Dress Up:

Go from cocktail hour to work-wear casual with a palette cleansing pink piece like the sophisticated suiting we often see on our own Lady Jessica. Break out the Veronica Beard because a Texas company started by two females makes us want to suit up at this table any day.


Velvet Linen

Mila Chair in Blush

Arte Italica Charger

Silver Savannah China

Black Coupe China

Cutipol GOA in Pink + Gold

Vintage Pink Glassware

Vintage Etched Clear Champagne Coup

Vintage Etched Blue Wine Goblet

Thank you to Jessica for participating in our Fall Designer Series. You can find her on Instagram @j.scottweddings along with her creative collaborators @katiebugflorals @hazelwoodpaperco

Thank you for reading. Be sure to stop by the showroom to be inspired by these tablescape in person and check back each week as we reveal another scene-stealing feast for the eyes.

P.S. Special shout out to Tamytha Cameron Photography for capturing our Designer Series. Thank you, Tamytha!

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