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New to the Showroom: Blue-Green Glassware

Is the Texas heat already getting to us, or is it the latest edition to our showroom that has us dreaming of the next seaside getaway? Whatever the reason, we are loving the blue-green glassware that just came in today! The detail alone makes us swoon, and there has never been an easier way to add something blue to your wedding table top. (What? That isn't a requirement? After you see these, it just might be.) We took a couple gorgeous pics from our favorite wedding designers to show you were you can place these beauties. Sigh. We just might be in love!

Snapshots of the how well these glasses blend with a variety of linens. Top left to right: Blue/Green Embossed Chiffon (recognize these from the 83rd Annual Academy Awards?), Blue/Green Floral Organza, Blue/Silver Sheer Polka Dots; Bottom left to right: Teal Bark, Tiffany Bark, Chartreuse Bark. All linens Resource One, Inc., exclusively at POSH Couture Rentals. Blue/Green Glass: POSH Couture Rentals

Great look for a modern garden party. We would replace the green glass with our spiced up blue-green versions. The extra edition of blue would really make this table POP! Clear Victoria Ghost Chair available at POSH Couture Rentals. Image courtesy of Preston Bailey - Todd Events.

We really are Southern girls at heart. Adding our new glasses would add a special vintage element to this rustic table top. Perfect! Image courtesy of Alice HU Photography.

A unique outdoor setting calls for unique tableware. Break away from a two-color combo by adding our glasses, which will add a subtle green to this beautiful tablescape. Image courtesy Agnes Lopez Photography.

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