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Spring Reset: The Future Requests Your RSVP

The imminent scene of color blossoming in the wild has officially initiated its energetic hold in our showroom with the Spring Designers Series. These tablescapes ask us to tune in to the present in order to savor the ways we can make life sweeter, more bearable even, especially as we continuously move through transitional times.

Spring sets the tone for art de vivre with her determined rebirth, self-invention, and most importantly, continuance. This begins with appreciating the beauty of every day and adopting it everywhere else in our lives. A penchant for such sentiments touches on pleasure and luxury–whether its food (always seasonal and scrumptious), the expression (dopamine dressing, take a bow), and another French word we’ve aspired to embody— volupt (meaning to please all of the senses). This is how we beautifully share our love language of entertaining around the table. May it be the powerful tonic you need to begin new traditions because life is too short not to break out the fine china.

Over the next two months, we will share six special designers and their unique tao of tabletop. Chic can be elusive, but with a sense of modernity and a wink at the past, each designer more than met this moment. They generously gifted us their expertise with a favorable interpretation of the kind of Spring ambiance that offers a graceful escape and ease. The images are stunning (thank you Tamytha!) but so are the thoughts behind them. Please also offer your undivided attention to the influence of the words below. Never forget, Spring is eternal for those who play. Joy is served.


It’s safe to assume MissyRSVP Events is on the tips of everyone’s lips after the 60th Annual Art Ball, the Dallas Museum of Art’s beloved fundraiser that was postponed for two years due to Covid restrictions. The dazzling return of this always festive celebration made headlines from Culture Map to Vogue, further minting what we’ve always known around Dallas–Missy Rogers Peck has a knack for artfully elevating any atmosphere.

Missy has maintained a flawless pulse on the radar of fun and fashionable events for over a decade. She’s in good company with our favorite event designers, producers, and planners, many of whose discerning party-goers don’t share pics. (We’ve been able to catch a glimpse of her stylish work behind the scenes and in the society pages if we're lucky.) Truth be told, we don't stop at admiring her show-stopping sensibilities. Darling, we ADORE.

Known for brand activations and chic parties, the fashionable flock to Missy to take a festive fête and turn it into the theatrical with mesmerizing effect. Like an avant-garde poet who shares her aesthetic riches with civil society, her parties can be experimental or classic but always enduring. We have deemed these occasions Missy Moments because this Texas rose knows how to throw a gleeful curveball when painting the town pink, inspiring both wanderlust and wardrobe lust. In Dallas phraseology, it's the blonde bombshell of mood elevation.

The more we think about it, perhaps it's less a moment and more the Age of Missy. A sentiment that deserves its own Age of Innocence quote: “ Everything about her shimmered and glimmered softly, as if her dress has been woven out of candle-beams, and carried her head high, like a pretty woman challenging a roomful of rivals.” Only with Missy, there are no rivals to be found–only friends, with a sense of humor and sweetness to go along with her Miron Crosbys to boot. In other words, this pretty face is more than just a planner in the industry, she's a bona fide boss. Now, Dolly up so we can make hay with our own Missy moment below.


First things first, tell us a bit about yourself for someone who may not be familiar.

MissyRSVP is a boutique event planning company specializing in curated experiences for brands and individuals. We focus on retail activations, private client events, and charitable galas. No event is too large or too small… but I will not do a wedding! From the initial concept to the final flourish, MissyRSVP plans, creates, and orchestrates the most memorable brand launches, private dinners, cocktails, or anything else you can dream up!

How do you let a table tell a story?

I always say the devil is in the details. I like to think my tables tell a story by the way the details make them feel. Candlelight, beautiful florals, and always a little surprise or two at each setting.

What inspired this design?

I became a bit obsessed with tablescapes while on lockdown, and particularly with the Instagram account @housesandparties. Rebecca Gardner’s irreverent style pokes fun at the traditional table setting, and I love it! The paper lanterns and party crackers are from her.

What is your favorite piece on this table and why?

So many things! Monogrammed linen napkins by my talented sister, @themonogramclub, the marbled paper “surprises” for each guest, the place cards that @tarajonescalligraphy did for me on @bellinvito cards. Tara’s gorgeous calligraphy with my dream dinner guests' names: Betty White, Stanley Tucci, Taylor Swift, Andy Warhol, and myself, naturally!

Who would you want to bring to this table?

See above! (Side note: Oh, to be at this table!)

Best piece of hosting advice?

Split up couples or guests who would normally sit together. It encourages conversation.


Tablescape Vibe:

Oeuvre the Top! The unofficial edict is the more going on, the better. This is not your typical garden variety gathering. Saturate the senses with impeccable taste, lively colors, and clever favors that would make any room burst into bloom.

Palette + Pattern

We’re not saying minimalists should steer clear, but they might dream in technicolor after breaking bread here. A dashing intermix of couture collections (Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade, Kim Seybert Helix to name a few) meet a kaleidoscope of color. This is the first table you come across in our showroom, and its magical mood always lends itself to creative conversations.

Conversation Piece:

It’s hard to pick one single element when they all chime into a sublime score. When it's high-spirited high society, let them all talk! Light those MissyRSVP matches and lean in, darling. Who knows where the conversation will go once the crackers are snapped.

Table + Chair:

With a commitment to charm and savoir-faire, the Mila chair and table reflect not only the style of the social setting but the grace of sharing the table with those willing to bring a little flair and open-mindedness into the world.

Dress Up:

We’re taking a note from two of Missy’s muses when it comes to sartorial verve. First, Dolly Parton (because obvi), who says, “ Life is short, keep your dreams big and your hair bigger.” Darling, if those aren't the words of an honorary Dallas gal and living saint, I truly don’t know what else to say. The other would be Brian Bolke. The creative mind behind The Conservatory and Forty Five Ten would undoubtedly fall into step with Missy in putting pretty and pristine on a pedestal. The dress code would be tailored attire attuned to doing the best version of YOU because you could do it better? Go bright, go daring, go retro, but do go big before you go home.


Mila Glass Table with Mila Chairs in Gray

Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade Charger

Arte Italica 24K Etched Vetro Dinner Plate

Yamazaki Dynasty 24K Flatware

Kim Seybert Helix Goblet

Chloe Hot Pink Goblet

Gold Leaf Glass

What’s the best way to find you and the others on this table?

Instagram! @missyrsvpevents

–Also my amazing collaborators @tarajonescalligraphy, @LDFsilk, @Bellinvito, @themonogramclub

Thank you for reading. Stop by the showroom to be inspired by the Spring Series in person, or check back each week as we reveal another scene-stealing feast for the eyes, including KC Cloud Events, Pop Parties, Missy RSVP Events, Social Graces Events, and Mo&CO Custom Events.

Shout out to Tamytha Cameron Photography for capturing our Designer Series.

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