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We’ll admit it–we work with the best in the industry when it comes not only to wedding planners and designers, but equally important, the absolute top chefs in Dallas. Why do chefs come to us? Exquisite fine dining looks tasteful on our classic white catering collection, indeed. However, for special events, a sophisticated caterer comes to POSH for a tasteful and recherché layering of formal china place settings. A perfect example is this festively Fall rehearsal wedding dinner designed with Cassandra Fine Catering. About Cassandra, she’s our favorite English export with over twenty-five years of experience alongside the Mexico City master Chef Juan. Their artistic flair and unique approach have created many a successful catering event in DFW. The words most often associated with them are “astonishing” and “reliably delicious.” Their attention to detail leaves no point of the meal unnoticed, which is why they rely on POSH for a dependable and classy reception to showcase their fabulous food.


Our work with clients focuses on demystifing table settings because a perfect meal deserves a POSH place setting. Proper table mise en place sets the tone for a fine dining experience. After all, a great chef or caterer cares not only about showcasing their gastronomic feast, but also staging utensils, plates, and china so there is a flow of ease at the table. Optimal hospitality, as they say, begins as soon as the guest sits down. Taking into consideration budget and style, we can promote the formality of the event coupled with a more serving style. Cassandra’s client obviously wanted to celebrate a special event with fine dining. To compliment the season and set a feeling of ease for a classy evening, we worked with Cassandra on elevating the standard place setting from the traditional white. Here are our tips and tricks.


A white canvas truly showcases a chef’s work. Cassandra picked the Mottahedeh Tree China Collection. Mottahedeh’s contemporary patterns have graced the tables of the highest society tastemakers all the way to the White House. This specific collection manages to uphold a level of art while not overshadowing a stunning first or second course thanks to a graceful pattern on a white background. The same thought process goes into glassware. Everyone from a great sommelier to an educated wine enthusiast will appreciate proper stemware to showcase the shade or a bright white or deep, bold red. The Signature Gold Glassware handcrafted in Italy fit this bill nicely. It’s a grand upgrade from traditional stemware with just the right height, and of course, a signature gold rim.


Just like adding a garnish to a meal is important, so are the design details to thoughtfully layering the table. Cassandra added a stylish vibe to this meal with the GG Metal Charger. The elaborate metal instantly adds a level of art. We also added Cutipol Rondo Matte Gold Flatware for a contemporary element that tied the look of the complete tabletop (floral and all) together in proper fashion. We think this look is Fall perfection.

Place Setting: CG Metal Charger, Mottahedeh Tree China, Cutipol Rondo Matte Gold, Signature Gold Glassware Gold Chiavari Chair with White Cushion

POSH Sales Designer: Jamie Goetze

Client: Cassandra Fine Catering

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