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When you hear the name POSH Couture Rentals, you may immediately think couture china and tabletop collections. However, one of the reasons we are always asked to biggest galas and weddings in Dallas and beyond is our carefully curated chair collections. With each new event, one of the first things we discuss with clients is the importance of seating to enhance the overall vibe. (After all, there is a reason plastic folding chairs never make it to any wedding album.) Just as lighting and floral motifs become fashionable accessories to any grand soiree, the chair becomes an indispensable handbag that often completes the look. (And, seriously, who doesn’t love an iconic handbag? Our point.) While we have everything from the classic Chiavari to Bistro seating, one of our favorite statement chair rentals is undoubtedly the newest addition to our POSH collection—the modern MILA Chair.


While we adore the aesthetics of the MILA chair, we also love what she stands for as a mid-century design. There is an idea of optimism expressed through mid-century design, which was a contemporary aesthetic that spoke to post-war ideas of a new day and brighter, modern age. Maybe this is why the MILA always brings a smile to guest’s faces. Her presence immediately enhances the overall style of the room, and she looks simply stunning for prime seating at the head table. Whether you want to set one table or an entire room apart, the MILA is the chic design element your table is missing.


When budgeting for your event, we do consider every angle. While chairs may seem unnecessary at first, you’ll want them for the same reason you need a beautiful chair in your dining room for guests. You probably spent hours agonizing over the perfect chair for a new home. You want it to work well alone (like a piece of sculpture) but be equally flattering when someone is sitting in it, especially when they’re dressed to the nines. A chair embodies a lot in a small package: engineering, material, practicality, and most of all, imagination. A successful chair represents more than the marriage of form and function—it raises the level of art in a room. The MILA strikes just the right balance of modern sophistication with a sleek vibe, thanks to a minimal metal frame and luxe velvet cushions. Coming in seven different colors, the MILA appeals to events showcasing a modern flair or weddings needs a stylish element with just the right tone. Of course, for these reasons and more, our MILA chair gets invited to A LOT of weddings and Dallas events.


The MILA Chair Rental comes in several shades, from Black Velvet to Ivory. We love how the jewel tones of the MILA in Burgundy, Emerald, and Navy Blue offer up a sleek club air of sophistication, while the Blush, Gray, and Ivory keep a chic elegance that cannot be denied. Mixing and matching shades to set apart head tables and other areas of the room has also been trending. So, tell us, how will you seat your guests?

Chairs and Tabletops

*POSH Mila Chair Gallery in Emerald, Burgundy, Gray, Black, Navy, Blush, Ivory

*Mila in Ivory, Kim Seyber Laurel Charger, Arte Italica 24 Karat Etched Vetro Dinner Plate, CHINA, Cupitol Flatware in White, Pure Glassware, Kim Seybert Helix Wine Glass, Gold Floral Lace Etched Glassware, Crystal

*Mila Chair in Navy

* Mila Chair in Blush, Marie Daâge Champagne Agate Charger, Cutipol GOA Pink and Gold, Signature Gold Glassware

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