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It's Almost Aperitivo Hour

When in Rome, er, Dallas, what else is there to do when everyone has escaped to a far-flung European paradise than to create a little Amalfi Coast at home with an Aperitivo hour?


The pre-dinner imbibing rituals are not only appetite-stimulating, but this early evening pastime also encourages a chill, no-pressured culture of gathering friends and family. The goal isn’t to replace or suppress dinner but rather to wind down with mindful consumption of sips and snackable small plates for easy sharing. Tomato girl summer, literally eat your heart out. Think small plates, herbal liqueurs, and bitters, low-ABV to digestifs. Campari and Aperol are most certainly the historical heroes on this drink menu, as is the iconic Negroni or a vibrant non-alcoholic spritz from the likes of Martini & Rossi or the trendy Bella Hadid-owned Kin Euphorics.


Aperitivo comes from the Latin aperire, which means to open. We ingest this into our philosophy not only in preparing our stomachs for a later meal but also in opening our homes to friends and neighbors. Spritzes have been having a moment in Dallas, but they aren’t the only option to make a tasty menu. Beyond the aforementioned liquors, we love an Italian beer like Peroni or light white wine. Let your spirits linger in the peach, orange, or rose hues of our Carrie Wine or Carrie Cosmo Collection for that oh-so-important aesthetic glassware to complement your ambient evening.

Set out an easy spread of olives, crackers, cheese, Italian meat, canned mussels or sardines (trust us), and a variety of pickled veggies along with whatever in-season items you may have on hand. The art of the aperitivo is to keep it laid back. Adding to your ease is an easy POSH delivery of small plates and glassware that give you the night off of handwashing your cute china stacks or glassware.


These patterns are always on speed dial for our top tastemakers. Each offering comes in the perfect one-size-fits-all plate to make managing your way around a mini buffet a breeze while holding on to your beverage of choice. Take it a step further and extend the evening into dinner time by leaning into the late summer tablescape spreads you see here by our local tastemakers.


1. A custom aperitivo moment from MO&CO Events.

2. A flourish of floral for this MO&CO Italiano early dining experience featuring the Floral Garden Salad Plate and White Cane Back Chair.

3. Sunset hues for Shop Casa Lina, planned and designed by Ash Event Co, featuring the Floral Garden pattern and Natural Bentwood Chairs.

4. Image courtesy of Aperol.

5. Sometimes you just need a shareable pizza and the Chelsea Scalloped Collection.

6. A Martini&Rossi moment. We love this non-alcholic spritzer for aperitvo hour.

7. If pasta comes early, so be it. We love to break the rules, especially when served on the perfect pink shade of Ginori.

8. An easy green for any aperitvo season from Caskata. The Green Arbor Canapes Plates are perfection.

9. An Amalfi-themed early dinner with Todd Events with the always iconic Blue and White Collection.

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