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Get Virtual Table Savvy

As many of you probably already now, our new P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals website launched and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! There are so many great features and we could get lost looking at everything for hours. But, our favorite part is of course the Virtual Table feature. It is quite simply the best thing to happen since sliced bread if you were to ask our opinion! It is so fun and easy to play around with that we are constantly finding ourselves browsing through our collections constantly to see what we can come up with next. Since this feature is new for everyone we thought it was only fitting that we share a little tutorial that will help guide you in your tabletop design process.

There are so many great functionalities of the Virtual Table. You can save, edit, share, and create new table after new table. From creating custom tabletops to viewing every P.O.S.H. item and its name, we think you will enjoy it as much as we do! The entire process makes it easy to pick out your items from the comfort of your home and then send over to a Sales Stylist to complete your order. We have made the luxury event rental process as easy as pie for you!

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