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Designer Series: Silent Tea Events

Embrace the energetic shift on a new season with a few of our favorite Dallas tastemakers.

For Texans, we know Fall and Winter as the delightful emergence of society season. Soirees abound as cooler weather offers a reprieve from summer’s long and lazy sojourn. Holiday parties begin booking and October weddings begin blooming. And in the midst of these hectic schedules, our creative spirit once again flourishes as we begin purposefully setting the table for celebrated gatherings, big and small.

To this degree: It’s always a joy for us to see what our friends decide to bring to the table in the designer series. These six designers master the art of gathering by setting a finely tuned tablescape with just the right amount of drama to elevate the evening. You can summarize the current approach to tabletop in this seasonal remix as a rejuvenating return to you. There is no one trend taking centerstage; rather, the modus operandi appears to resonate with an authentic celebration of the comforts, luxuries, and elegance that exudes from signature style. These tablescapes invite us into the creative minds and emotions of each planner with unbridled enthusiasm and warmth. And as we always say, life is too short not to break out the fine china.


The best wedding and event planners innately understand how both stylish and cohesive details make a moment–that whimsical mix of palette and pattern to create atmospheric elegance, the tried-and-true coordination that allows room for spontaneity, and the artistic undercurrent that transforms a daydream into a fairytale experience. And if you asked us who fits this bill with cerebral charm, we’d be obliged to tell you all about Jing Jing of SilentTea Photography and Events, a planner and friend who humbly owns her rightful place in a city of amazing planners with utter grace and finesse.

Jing Jing, it was a true delight to see the inspiration for this tablescape emerge in such a spectacular form. Please trust us when we say you’ll want to wait out Winter’s chill around this inviting table. It offered a thoughtful, peaceful glow in our showroom that was most appreciated. It's hard not to gush on this planner crush, but we think she does an amazing job of explaining herself below.

So without further adieu, let’s spin some plates.


First things first, tell us a bit about yourself for someone who may not be familiar.

My name is Jing Jing, I am the owner of SilentTea Photography and Events. I started my business in 2016 as a photographer, and launch event planning in 2017.

How does this table tell a story?

I wanted to show a world of ice and snow offered as a table setting. White dry flowers hanging at the ceiling symbolize white snow that covers the glacier.

What inspired this design?

In wintertime, we rarely see snow in the DFW area. I grew up in Beijing, China, which is also my homeland. Snow falls every year, so I have seen snow every winter since my childhood. I like those pure and white snowflakes dancing in the air. I have been to Alaska several times and the glaciers there are gorgeous. That is what winter is in my heart.

What is your favorite piece on this table and why?

I would say I love every single piece on this table.
Dusty blue velvet linen: The rich and heavy touch and sense of the velvet material feels like winter.
Plates and silverware: White plates with silver prints and silver flatware can evoke a pure feeling from a fresh breeze. I imagine the sun shining over the snow, creating a white glow in Wintertime.
Neutral-colored wood chargers with matching chairs tie in with our floral arrangement to create a strong sense of nature.

Who would you want to bring to this table?

People who like to be unique and different from others, and people who enjoy observing nature.

Best piece of hosting advice?

Great linens and chairs change the atmosphere.

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

We are excited about every upcoming event and look forward to ourSpring-themed events next year.

Biggest source of inspiration?


What song always makes the party playlist?

Perfect Day( by Mao Buyi)

Who would be a dream collaborator for you?

Posh Couture Rentals

What do you most look forward to next year?

More beautiful weddings.

Best way to find you and the other collaborators on this table?

Instagram: @SilentTea.Event
Cell: 940-368-5356
Studio Address: 6901 K Ave #105, Plano, Texas 75074


Tablescape Vibe:

Rare Form | A nostalgic desire to bring nature back to the table ushered in a beguiling take on a white Christmas in the city.

Palette + Pattern

A Winter’s Kiss | Think a captivating glow of Winter blues and icy whites with elegantly appointed details scaled for comfort. Whimsical accessories brought in a spellbinding mood, and as creatures of the natural world ourselves, we couldn't help but be bewitched.

Conversation Piece:

Romantic Reflections of Nature | The breathtaking hanging floral installation created a magnificent mood shift for the entire table while the glass domes brought back an intimate, ethereal moment as if they held foraged finds from fairytale woodlands, encased in ice.

Table + Chair:

The Denmark chair embraces each guest with warmth, while sublime, soft tones in timeless silhouettes offer a strong foundation that feels remarkably uplifting.

Dress Code:

To dress for your nature, only something unique will do–something so unequivocally you. A reimagined vintage piece from Vintage Martini destined to be seen with your spin on it or a refreshingly cool standout piece from Nicole Kwon.


Velvet Azure Linen Overlay

Velvet Ivory Napkin Overlay

Acrylic Wood Scalloped Charger

Tiffany Dinner Plate, Soup Bowl

Michelangelo Flatware

Glass Dome Dish

Pure Wineglasses

Gatsby Champagne Coup

White Chloe Goblet

Denmark Chari with Natural Cushion

Thank you for reading. Stop by the showroom to be inspired by the Fall Designer Series in person, or check back each week as we reveal another scene-stealing feast for the eyes.

Shout out to Tamytha Cameron Photography for capturing our Designer Series.

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