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Behind the Veil: Tami Winn

If you loved yesterday's Tabletop Tuesday, you're certainly in for a treat today. Today Tami Winn shares what inspires her, plus a little insight into her very busy and very fun work as an event and wedding planner.

A recent Tami Winn wedding in Fort Worth. / Photography by Tracy Autem

Why we love her: The scene is Fort Worth has strong roots in Texas heritage but keeps a fresh look on the classics, something local planner Tami Winner embodies in her work. Whether working on a Cowtown classic or the personal stylings of a modern and unique bride, Tami's work showcases Southern style with an elegant twist. Be sure to check out all of her work on her website.

Click for a few of our favorite Tami moments: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /

Personal hosting duties are kept relaxed and simple so Tami can join in on the fun. Professional hosting duties means Tami is pulling out all the stops for a truly glamorous affair to remember.

We asked Tami to answer a few questions regarding her personal and professional hosting duties. Herewith, her answers.

ON DINNER WITH FRIENDS... I have learned to keep it simple. If I'm stuck in the kitchen, then I am not able to enjoy my good company.
THE SECRET IS... Focus on an inviting atmosphere. Think about who is coming over and their interests. If my guest is a foodie, then food is my main focus. If it's someone who enjoys a casual meal but loves to gather around the fire pit with a glass of wine, then I will make sure my patio is primed for entertaining and the food is simple.
A PERFECT PLAYLIST... Really depends on personal preference, so I always have Pandora ready to go. I plug in a station my guests will enjoy and let it go for the evening.
FAVORITE MOMENTS AROUND THE TABLE... Growing up, our family always ate dinner around the table. Now that I have a family of my own, I try to keep this tradition as much as our hectic schedules allow. My favorite memory, however, is of my grandmother and her Christmas china. She would always bring it out during the holidays, and I remember being so excited to see it. My mom now carries on this tradition, and I hope my daughters love it as much as I did!
MY STYLE IS... Typically very classic, but I do love presenting my take on a current look.
A GREAT HOST... Always takes into account who their guest is and their interests.
A GREAT GUEST... In my opinion, is someone who provides good company. As a guest, I always ask what I can bring and ALWAYS offer to help tidy up!
INVITATIONS?... It depends, but for a gathering at my house I usually do not do invitations.

THE FIRST STEP IN PLANNING FOR THE BIG DAY... Discussing the ideal wedding with the bride and groom. Both need to agree on the style and size!
THE PERKS OF HIRING A PLANNER... Well, first of all, you're going to have amazing details. A planner or designer can help create a look that is cohesive throughout the wedding and perfectly styled to suit the bride and groom.
THE BIGGEST TRENDS FOR 2013... We all know emerald is going to be hot, and I can't wait to use it! Glitz and glam are also making a comeback, which makes me sooo happy. Glitter is one of my favorite colors!
FAVORITE COLOR COMBOS... I am always drawn to soft pinks, golds, and champagnes; it's such a timeless look that can easily make a statement with pops of black or navy.
FAVORITE POSH PRODUCTS... POSH provides the most beautiful china of anyone in this area. You cannot find another source for unique china, chargers, stemware, and flatware. If you want to make a statement on your tabletops, then POSH is definitely your place.
MEMORABLE MOMENTS... I think I have the BEST clients ever! Honestly, we create long-lasting relationships with almost all of them, which is what I love most about my job. One of my favorite things is to receive holiday cards from past clients with their new babies or growing families.
ON THEIR BIG DAY, BRIDES SHOULD REMEMBER... To be done with all last minute details and errands before the week of their wedding. This way, they can enjoy ever minute of their wedding arriving from out of town, getting pampered at the spa, and hopefully getting some sleep before the big day! If they can have a relaxed week then usually the wedding day turns out to be stress-free.
DREAM WEDDING DESTINATION... I am in love with Ireland. I would love to have a client get married there so we can plan a wedding in an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere!

THE BEST PART OF THIS JOB... Everything! This is the best job ever. I get to be a part of one of the most important moments families celebrate. I take that very seriously, and I think my clients know I am just as invested in their wedding as them. I will do everything in my power to make sure every single little detail is perfect. Once all the guests arrive, the band starts playings, the meal is served...I look at it all and say to myself, "I did this." It's a wonderful feeling!

The gorgeous wedding and bride who made the cover of Brides of North Texas Spring 2013, planning by Tami Winn. See if you can spot Tami having one of those "I did this" moments in the background. Too sweet!

Thanks for sharing with us, Tami ! Visit her website here.

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