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Behind the Veil: Bartus Taylor

If you've ever heard the saying "Men with style are great because they have a sense of self" then you understand why we absolutely love Bartus Taylor, the creative director behind BUZZ Events. His personal style comes through everything he does, from his events and tabletops to his dress and even the way he presents himself through emails. When you want to collaborate with a visionary mind for a truly original idea, Bartus is your man. He won't be afraid to try new trends, but he is also has a strong understanding of why the classics work and isn't afraid to uphold tradition (and why not, when it works?). While we were positive of his event planning skills (he did study at La Sorbonne, after all), we were thrilled at his personal hosting Do's and Don'ts as well. Bookmark these great tips for the next time your goal is to set the standard for a festive fete.

Clockwise from top left, Bell'invito Invitations / A Bartus Taylor styled event / Gold Leaf Stemware from P.O.S.H. / A Bartus Taylor styled event / Inspired by The Sartorialist's of the world, Milan, Paris, and Hong Kong

Here are Bartus' hosting tips and treats.
What are the rules on a great dinner with friends?
* Welcome your guest and make sure they have a beverage.
* Have a conversation everyone can be a part of
* Make your guest feel welcome by being attentive at all times
* Create a memorable experience
* Have expectations for your guest
* Shy away from sensitive subjects that would make your guests uncomfortable
* Serve drinks with portion control

Focus on... The guest list, food, then tabletop. Some might ask why in that order, and this is why: It all depends on the dinner party you're willing to host. You should invite friends that get along and carry on a decent conversation. Sending the menus to guests is a good idea to avoid any food allergies. The tabletop should be clean and elegant with fantastic china.
Playlist... I prefer instrumental music or a jazz soundtrack that won't clash with conversation.
Favorite moments around the table... Are when we all share something great from our past that made us the people and friends we are now.
Trends or classics?... I always stick with certain looks for hosting because it works and there's no reason to change them!
A great host is... patient and attentive.
A great guest is... respectful and grateful.
Invitations?...Always a yes in my book. However, no e-vites!
I'm inspired by... People, places, and style. From the lives of others, I'm able to recognize what's important and what's not and that inspires me. Every place is different and can inspire you in it's own way. For example, Paris inspires me with its level of elegance; Milan with its luxury and culture; Hong Kong for its never-ending innovations for the future. Style inspires me because year after year I read fashion magazines and books about style and icons, but it isn't all about what they were wearing but rather the way they lived their lives.

The first step in planning your big day... Is finding a location and securing it!
The perks of having a planner/event designer is... The word "no" does not apply to you. You have time to spend with family and friends instead of constantly checking on issues. Planners will do everything in their power to make you happy, at least, a good one will.
The big trends fro 2013 are... Reflective surfaces with luxury accents.
My favorite color combos are... I love gray, black, and white with a hint of antique gold.
Favorite P.O.S.H. item... P.O.S.H. has a fantastic range of rental items, but my favorite would be glassware because they are unique in every way and add sophistication and elegance to a simple table design.
A memorable moment... Is when I'm with a client and they see their vision brought to reality, they are overwhelmed with excitement.
Dream place for a wedding... Any location that can be transformed into your vision.
What do you love most about this job?... I love being creative and meeting and working with fascinating people.

Thanks for sharing, Bartus! Want more info?

Creative Director / Event Designer

Buzz Event Planning & Design

Fayetteville, Arkansas


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