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Agenda: Balance

BalanceEnergy Health and Yoga studio owner and teacher Lisa Breitenwischer strikes a pose.

Did anyone else get the memo that April was Stress Awareness Month? It should be every month in the event industry, but we digress. With a busy month behind us and the beginning of another wonderful month ahead, we thought it would be nice to take time this May to stop and smell the roses. Cue to our Design District neighbor, BalancingEnergy Health and Yoga. Owner Lisa Breitenwischer's mission is to help people reduce stress, increase energy, and support and coach working women and men with their dietary needs. (Looks like she came to the right neighborhood!) Her 45-minute $5 lunch time flow on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for those in need of a little stretch and movement during the day. The room is set to 80 degrees as many people who attend go back to their offices. We asked Lisa to share a few tips to stay sane and healthy while working long hours that will be a life savor for those of you (like us) who are tied to the desk.

BalanceEnergy yoga instructors in the Dallas Design District.

1 First of all, tell us a little about yourself and how you came to BalancingEnergy.

I’ve been interested in health and fitness most of my life. After completing my first (and last) marathon in November 2005, I decided to run less and devote more energy towards yoga by increasing my practice to 4-5 times per week. After several months of practice, I noticed my muscles became leaner, longer, and stronger and my mind became calmer and more focused. What began as a way of staying healthy and fit soon transformed into devotion and a way of life. I became a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2005. Since that time I’ve accumulated 500 hours of teacher training under gurus Rod Stryker and Rusty Wells. In 2010, I became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC and created BalancingEnergy Health and Yoga Wellness. I worked out of my house to support & coach working women and men with their dietary needs. I opened BalancingEnergy Health and Yoga Center in 2012. It is my mission to help people reduce stress, increase their energy, and bring balance to their diet and lifestyle. I feel so blessed to be living the dream!

What kind of yoga do you teach?

The style of yoga we teach is called Vinyasa Flow Yoga. It is a sequence of poses synchronized to the breath creating a flow, or meditation in motion. The room is heated to a comfortable 85 degrees and includes music. We offer classes for all fitness levels, including All Level Vinyasa Flow, Intro to Vinyasa Flow, Core Strengthening, and Stretch and Restore classes.

What are some ways we can pause throughout the day?

One of the best was to reduce stress and increase energy throughout the day is this simple breathing technique: Sit up tall, close your eyes, and take a deep inhale in through your nose, filling your lungs from top to bottom and side to side, and then pulling the navel towards the front spine to exhale all the air out through the nose. Repeat five times. Studies have shown this breathing technique can change beta brainwaves (fight or flight- stress) to alpha brain waves, which bring mind and body into relaxation. Not only do alpha brain waves create relaxation, but can also access creative states and enhance problem solving.

What are the best stretches for desk time all day and long nights on our feet for events?

Many of my nutritional clients are professionals that sit at a desk all day and sometimes all night; for them I recommend to get up periodically and walk around as this will help release tight hips and get energy flowing. Walking up and down the stairs if that is available to you or do seated twists while in a chair by placing the right hand outside left knee then twisting torso to the left and repeating on the opposite side. Extending arms overhead, interlacing fingers, then stretching up and over to right then over to the left is great for the upper body as well as interlacing fingers behind low back and extending hands down while drawing shoulder blades together will stretch out the neck and shoulders. You can always lower the chin down to the chest for a deeper stretch. Finally, forward folds with a soft bend in the knees are a great way to release the spine and stretch out the hamstrings.

Anything else you wish to share regarding yoga and your studio?

Our goal is to bring community together and provide ways to bring balance to body, mind and spirit through Yoga, Workshops, Nutrition, and Infrared Sauna. Check us out at for more info.

Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

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