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Trending: Philippe Starck

October 05, 2016 | Moodboard

Designer Philippe Starck has made a name for himself from his impeccable taste and high quality products. We couldn’t wait to rave about one of his new perfumes, Peau de Pierre, a collaboration with Annick Menardo! Inspired by his mother’s perfume shop, the aroma is a delicate mix of femininity and crisp cleanliness.

We can add his perfume to the long list of products we love by Starck. His reinvention of the Louis XVI Ghost Chair is a longtime favorite of ours and is exclusively provided to P.O.S.H. through Resource One.

The industrial designer, writer, artist, says it best, “For me, luxury is intelligence and quality. I don’t see a lot of intelligence and quality in luxury when it’s used to make fast, big money.” To read more about the history of the popular rental chair, check out an archived P.O.S.H. blog here.