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About Us

Savvy Style

Being on a budget shouldn’t mean sacrificing service or style.

We strive to offer the most distinguished brands in tabletop collections that can’t be found anywhere else, as well as standard industry classics that pair effortlessly with high-end pieces for a truly modern look that is at once fresh and timeless. By offering a mix of the high and low, clients can embrace the playful irreverence of modern trends without losing sight of quality design. To provide a well-rounded inventory, we’re inspired not only by events but also fashion and design, which heavily influences the trends arising in this evolving and innovative industry. Whether your budget covers head-to-toe couture or aims for a more refined and affordable look, we have just the right statement pieces to turn your tabletop into a showstopper. So let’s toast to old friends and new beginnings with a tabletop tailored to fit your lifestyle.


Build your foundation with event industry classics in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to pass hors d’oeuvres and amuse-bouche or advertise five-course meals. Our basics are never boring but can easily be upgraded with accent pieces from other collections to feast the stomach and the eyes with a display worthy of a well-heeled crowd.


These contemporary rentals speak to the individual inspired by fashion and creativity, filling the gap between the classic and couture collections. Mix and match between the high and low with carefully sourced china and individual pieces with realistic pricing for a customized tabletop. This is a great way to embrace the trends du jour while reflecting your evolving style. Stunning details and colors strike a chord for those on a budget designing a harmonious and intriguing tabletop for a look that is haute, not hodgepodge.


Luxury is a necessity for those with a strong hold on what’s haute, so knockoffs just won’t do. From Arte Italica to Charles Sadek’s Sevres Collection, choose from signature couture collections that will have everyone vying for a seat at your table. Create an impactful experience for guests at the table with head-to-toe couture or freshen up heirloom pieces that have found favor with your family by adding embellished accents. These collections are rich and opulent creations in precious metals and the finest porcelain and china for a privileged and evolved aesthetic. Sometimes, more really is more.