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About Us


“Know first who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.”


We believe in defining the moment guests sit at your table with a truly luxurious setting tailored to your unique aesthetic and budget. Luxury should be brought into the everyday, not just the biggest event of the year. Every celebration should be a reflection of the individual, and a beautiful tablescape should put you in a good mood.

“We need to look at the idea of renting rather than owning.”

Artist/Designer Philippe Starck

The unique perspective of renting is embraced and inspired by our amazing clients.  Men and women who know how to work a good angle understand the means of being a detailed, yet carefree hostess, and are true tastemakers with strong personal style. Whether they’re putting on an intimate dinner for a few or a gala for hundreds, they know the art of mixing rentals with personal collections or curating an entirely new tabletop with P.O.S.H.® collections.  

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”


We are devoted to the individual. The latest trends at other events mean nothing if they don’t fit into your aesthetic, so only the items you truly love will make it to your order. Our personalized approach to service means your signature style is embraced and your vision understood, all within your means.